Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Monthly “Change Insight” Book Tuning: Multidimensional Change Management Nov. 2017

Change is no longer just a one-time initiative, but an ongoing capability.

Change is inevitable, organizational change has become a common practice within an organization, but too often changes are made as a reaction to outer impulses, crisis, and demands. This is the bureaucracy’s way of meeting the challenges. A digital transformation is achieved via dynamic Strategy-Execution-Change lifecycle management, though it is not all linear steps, but an iterative, ongoing and upgoing change continuum. How to assess and improve change fit both at individual and organizational level.  
    Multidimensional Change Management
  • Mastering Changes from Multiple Dimensions The very characteristics of digital transformation are the increasing speed of change and hyperconnectivity. But change is difficult and has a very high failure rate. So, how to capture the signals of change readiness, how to improve change effectiveness, and how to manage and sustain change efforts multidimensionally?  

  • Five Change Insight? The speed of business change is accelerating, but more than two-thirds of change management effort fails to achieve the expected result, To keep up with today's change and market disruption requires agility, speed, and resourcefulness. That requires the right people- the change champions, effective processes, and productive tools well tuned to make it happen. Here are five change principles & insight.

  • Three Big “WHAT”s in Change Management Everything changes continuously and the rate of change is accelerated. Change is no longer just a one-time initiative, but an ongoing capability. Change capability is one of the strategic capabilities which underpin successful execution and move the organization from efficiency, effectiveness to agility and maturity.

  • Three Aspects of Change Management? Change is everywhere and it happens every moment in the workplace, but unfortunately people rarely recognize that; people go in and out; sales rise and drop, new technology continues emerging and out of date, competition becomes fierce, and opportunities are arising and fading away rapidly, Change Management has become an important discipline often going hand-in-hand with strategy management and project management, what’s it all about, and how to practice it effectively?

  • Five Aspect of Leading Change challenges? The speed of change is accelerated, organizations large or small spend significant time and resource to deal with the Big Changes such as radical digital transformation or small changes such as adopting a new software tool. However, statistically, more than 70% of change management effort fails to achieve the expected result, what are the critical elements in change management, and how to weave them more seamlessly to orchestrate a harmonized change symphony?

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