Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving with “Positive Thinking”

Share insight and be mindful to celebrate Thanksgiving.

It’s another Thanksgiving Day approaching, it’s not just the time for shopping or relaxing, but also the time to recharging and doing some introspection. It is not just the time to gain a few pounds but also doing more PONDERING. In the other word, happy Thanksgiving with mindfulness.

Although you can’t control every event of your life journey, through the power of digital mind-crafting, you can adapt to the change and cultivate the new sets of mind. Indeed, the mindset is far more important than talent. Talent can always be developed by those with an open and right mindset. In the book of “ Thinkingaire,” we introduce the 100 game-changing digital mindsets, here we sum up a set of positive thinking mindset.

A Positive Mind: The digital business environment becomes over complex and hypercompetitive, what’re the best and advanced minds to lead the business forward? A positive mind is on demand, why and what is it all about?

Three Questions to Assess a Person’s Positive Thinking & Attitude Positive Thinking evokes betterment and leads to the brighter future. What is Positive Thinking? It’s an idealistic realism, also the cautious optimism. It’s the value thinking and strategic thinking; it helps you conquer the current barriers in order to embrace the brighter future; it creates the energy and synergy in pursuit of the long-term vision and growth. What are great questions to assess a person’s “positive thinking & attitude”?

Positive vs. Negative Mind Positive is just so natural when you feel the Sun hitting your face, hear the trees blowing in the wind, Wake up and take a breath to start the other day. Let go of the negative feeling and feel the positive all around you. Everything, whether tangible or intangible, in the manifested universe, has two poles – the positive and the negative. In nature, the positive is dominant and the negative is submissive. This means that the positive is directive and the negative is receptive, just as is the positive anode of a battery and its opposite, negative cathode. Philosophically and psychologically, what’s the difference between positive vs. negative mind?

Three Questions to Assess a Person’s Influence Every human being will make influences on the surrounding via his/her aura which is the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place. Influence is not only a critical leadership capability but also a quality every digital professional needs to build because digital is the age of people, every person has better opportunity to be a leader in his/her own domain. Here are the three questions to assess a person’s influence.

The Correlation between Positive Workplace Culture and Policy: Organizations large or small are transforming from industrial silos to more holistic digital business, but a positive workplace culture is not less important, but more critical, because culture as a collective mind and habit, is the competency to decide business’s long-term success. But what’s the correlation between positive workplace and policy, could culture be the very reason for the proliferation of policies or, can a positive workplace culture reduce the number of policies required to manage employees?

Thanksgiving is a symbol of harvest, the spirit of giving, the celebration of hard work and the abundance of life. - so happy Thanksgiving with mindfulness.


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