Sunday, November 19, 2017

Strategic Thinker

Strategic thinkers are interdisciplinary influencers because thinking and logical reasoning are not for their own sake, but to make positive influence and drive progressive & transformative changes.

Strategic thinking is about starting the end in mind. Statistically, only 5% of the population is a nature strategic thinker. Being able to think strategically is an invaluable digital thinking skill that perhaps not everyone has, but it is critical to be future-oriented and make a progressive movement. Given that, the importance of diversity and formulating a team that has complementing skills cannot be understated. So, how to spot strategic thinkers and discover their talent and potential to build a solid leadership talent pool. Strategic thinkers are interdisciplinary influencers because thinking and logical reasoning are not for their own sake, but to make positive & intellectual influence and drive progressive & transformative changes. Here are three characteristics of strategic thinking.

A strategic thinker is a big picture person and set the direction: Strategic thinking is specified as being conceptual, systems-oriented, directional, linking the future with the past and opportunistic. The strategic leaders or professionals gain an understanding of the past and the perception of the future so far as knowledge permits; they have the ability to view the complete business system as an ecosystem with all its dependencies and interconnections. They are able to tie all these important things together in order to develop actionable plans. They have the ability to identify key leverage points where the non-proportional impact can be made. And they have the ability to hypothesize interventions and iterate them till the right fit is made. Strategic practitioners can think multi-dimensionally and do not get lost in mundane detail. They can leverage different lenses, such as Mathematics or probability -you build the best strategy based on the circumstances that will allow the highest probability of success and control risk. Psychology -They understand people, you need to know both the strength of your team and your competition, so it’s important to build a strategy that includes consideration of competitive forces, with the long-term perspective you play to win over. Process -you need to digitalize the key business process and build a set of competitive capabilities to enable the business to compete for the future.

A strategic thinker creates or grasp new opportunities and strikes the delicate balance in the dynamics of the business enterprise: A strategy is the organization's competitive "logic" manifested through organizational actions. This logic is acquired through a learning process involving discourse within the context of an organization's culture. For example, a strategic IT leader creates IT and leverage information to create a long-term sustainable competitive advantage for organizations. Most organizations create a sense of internal competition that can easily make the C-level participants lose sight of the end game. A strategic leader or professional has a role to play in balancing, not just leveling the internal playing field. Knowledge is power and it depends whether that power is used for the good purpose of the organization or political point-scoring, a strategic leader can well balance a positive internal relationship via systematic strategy management and multidisciplinary business approach.

A strategic thinker has an inquisitive mindset that is always curious and keeps learning: Strategy is not the mirage, but the executable plan which can be achieved. Thus, a strategist has to keep knowledge valid; have the experience, but must be up to date with business trends and essential technologies. Strategic and tactical planning all lead to the vision. The vision is built for the people and organizations. A strategic leader needs to be more people-centric as well, create both employee growth strategies and customer experience strategy. It would be great if strategic leaders can mix people, departments, and organizations strategy together. Indeed, all strategies are made for growth. The difference between the tactical manager and strategic leader is that the first one thinks about the business from a transactional perspective while the second one is thinking business from a transformational perspective, and how to gain an advantage over competitors. In this way, strategic leaders will create a blue ocean for his/her organization which will provide a competitive advantage in the long run.

Strategic minds can think further, bigger, and broader. The key is to understand who the strategic thinkers are and provide them the ability to utilize these skills to help in brainstorming the direction and various options a company can go. They are your navigators.


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