Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Monthly 12 CIO Personas” Book Tuning: CIOs as “Chief Improvement Officer” Mar. 2018

Compare to the other executive positions, the CIO role continues to be shaken up, refined, reinvented and reenergized. The magic “I” of the CIO title sparks many imaginations and modern CIOs need to wear different hats and play multiple roles. Here are a set of blogs to brainstorm digital CIOs as “Chief Influence Officers.”

           Chief Improvement Officer

CIOs as Chief Improvement Officer: How to Prioritize IT to Get Digital Ready? Nowadays IT organization is like the spinal cord for the organization - integrating various functional abilities to bring out technology-driven business solutions. IT also has to take the multiple responsibilities for “running, growing, and transforming” business. However, the majorities of IT organizations still get stuck at the lower level of maturity, often overloaded and under-delivering. The CIO as the IT leader has to be able to inspire and encourage with his/her vision and generate conviction and enthusiasm for the missions of the company and the IT division, regardless of how exciting or mundane they may be. IT leaders should leverage the limited resources and maximize the talent potential, set the right priority, motivate IT teams to think strategically, do things innovatively, and work closely with customers to provide tailored business solutions and make constantly deliveries.

The New Book “12 CIO Personas” Chapter IV Introduction: The CIO as “Chief Improvement Officer” IT continues to reach a higher level of maturity, from alignment to integration, engagement, and optimization. Making continuous improvement is the way how IT can improve itself, the business, the interrelation between IT and business, to get digital ready.

CIOs as "Chief Improvement Officer": How can CIOs Become the Proactive Digital Champion? Due to the disruptive nature of technology and overwhelming growth of information, IT leaders seem to be always in the hot seat, they have to continue reinventing themselves and IT organization to ride above the learning curve and get digital ready. Digital CIOs are one of the most sophisticated leadership roles in contemporary businesses today. As they are leading one of the most complex and dynamic functions of the business, and managing one of the most intelligent groups of digital professionals in the organization. CIOs have so much more on their plate now than before, and in most circumstances, it would be excellent for the job. Forward-looking organizations are empowering their IT leaders to drive digital transformation from the front and lead changes seamlessly.

CIOs as “Chief Improvement Officer”: How to Demystify the Triple Puzzles of IT?
 Digital CIOs have to deal with multiple challenges. On one hand, modern IT plays a significant role in gluing the enterprise puzzle together to ensure the business as the whole is superior to the sum of pieces. On the other hand, due to the complex nature of technology and the exponential growth of information, IT itself is also like the large piece of the business puzzle sometimes being misplaced, because many IT organizations are still perceived slow, expensive, and not integrated with the business. In today’s digital dynamic and technical environment where IT is being used more and more around the globe for revenue-generating initiatives, how to run a digital-ready IT as a thresholding competency of the organization via demystifying the following triple puzzles?

CIOs as "Chief Improvement Officer": Three Practices in Achieving IT Management Excellence? With the fast pace of changes and overwhelming information nowadays, Information & Technology are permeating to every corner of the business, often IT can either make or break a company almost overnight. IT strategy is an integral component of the business strategy, as more often than not, technology is the driving force behind business innovations. The history reveals that IT needs to be understood and harnessed by all stakeholders, to fulfill its potential and strategic importance as a differentiator of companies. A seamless digital journey is made of many solid steps, how to develop a set of next practice for achieving IT management excellence and improving organizational agility?

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