Sunday, March 7, 2010

21th Century of Leadership

The first decade of 21th century is more focusing on idea generation, created internet engine and tools (such as Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter., etc) to connect worldwide people more effectively; the second decade of 21th century which is we are facing now may focus on vision building and integration, to collect and create the new wisdom by penetrating variety of culture, philosophy, and belief, to embrace the difference and global DNA.

Diversity: It’s really beyond just the gender and race, it’s more about embracing the idea and vision from the diversified culture, education, religion, industry, functionality and angles.

Raw Intelligence: Reward talent with independent thinking, pioneering leadership, find the self mission calls and reach the human potentials and realize the true meaning of the life.

Global DNA: Not only respect and identify diversified culture, the more important is how to embrace, digest and penetrate worldwide and ancient wisdom.
If we could understand “Little could not bear, the chaos great plans” (from "The Analects of Confucius), we may grow more wisely as individual, even we could avoid the wars and make the peace to human society.

Innovation: Beyond creating the new products and internet engine as Apple and Google do, but also be innovative to improve business process in traditional industries, and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and new thought process to keep disrupting and improving.


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