Friday, March 12, 2010

Cloud with the chance to WIND OR SUNSHINE

Cloud computing is not only the buzzword these day, but also a revolutionary phenomenal to make impact on all the industries, businesses, and even consumers.

Though many IT gurus complain about its ambiguity, actually I feel “cloud” is such a great name or signal to bring up the unlimited imagination, just like the movie “Cloudy with the chance of meatballs”.

As entrepreneur, Cloud computing may help us to build up the global business on the fly: Cloudy with the chance to become the “WIND” under our wing; it turns IT into the utility, you can pay as you consumed, not so much overhead and initial investment, you can enjoy the best service with limited budget; Imagine: without Venture Capital, you may still have the chance to build up the new Amazon or Google kingdom (well, we may still need some Angel’s help here)

“Cloud” even touch the consumer directly, just like those pizzas and meatballs ; You could manage your files, your photos, your mobiles and your favorite everything on the cloud.

Cloud computing may become the latest disruptive technology to reshape not only IT, but also all the industries, Cloudy get the chance to be the “SUNSHINE“ and hope for all those troubled enterprises in many verticals in this downturn economy, If only they could catch the wave, build up the right strategy and have a great change agent CIO around.

Well, of course, cloud computing is still a baby, need some time to grow and mature; security, regulation, reliability., etc are the bottlenecks to break, Also the other concern is: the cloud computing will create the brand new super enterprises or still the old giant companies such as IBM, Microsoft would dominate the sky, if you count Amazon and Google as “old timers” too, that’s the other innovator’s dilemma.

Anyway, I believe the cloud imagination would grow to be a real phenomenal, not just bubbles.


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