Monday, March 29, 2010

The Executive Recruiting in 21th Century

I Spent some time to walk through a few top executive headhunters' website, good to see many companies already had a sense of urgency to change the recruiting style for hunting the leaders and senior executives, there're some international job openings listed on their website, which is great, to make the process more transparent.

I believe the key revolution for recruiting the senior talent is really not suppose to just sell the past, should more promote the potential (such as raw intelligence, self-motivated, drive, etc).

Most of the recruiters today just search the key words inside the candidate's the resume, , but I feel the essential about recruiting should search beyond the surface, dig deeper about the candidate's raw intelligence, self-motivating and learning capabilities, such as:

-Thought Leadership: that's sort of raw intelligence, which means you would voice the different opinions for many groups: such as new Americans, entrepreneur, female, minority., etc.

-Fresh Eyes and Mindset: The cross-cultural, cross-industrial, cross-functional background would give the candidates insight to see beyond the surface, help companies to create value and take leadership in global market.

--Entrepreneurial spirit: that indicates the candidates are self-motivated, drive to change, and help create new revenue stream;

Those are the essential for the futuristic leadership fitting for many companies in every industries, and very specific skill could be learned very fast if the candidates are drive enough.

Well, the headhunter companies in the first decade of the 21th century may try to recruit the experiencing excellence without the soul, in the 2nd decade of 21 century, they could truly be renamed as soul-hunter agency to hunt the potential leaders with mission in 21th century!


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