Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Talking about “Sustainable Cloud” in San Patrick’s day

Today, the San Patrick’s day, people celebrate the day with parades, wearing of the green, and drinking green beer, we went to the Cloud-Connect conference, to brainstorm the cloud. Just summarized 5 Q&As about this holiday “cloud phenomenal”:
1.What kind of Cloud do we categorize, who are the leaders these days?

There’re public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, community cloud., etc.
Amazon is the dominated pioneering leader to host public cloud, and Google and are more like the major service provider to host the community cloud for their particular applications. All the other large companies such as IBM, HP, Microsoft., etc may build up their own strong private cloud to catch up; the cloud landscape may reshape in the future.

2.Why is it the right timing for Cloud to stay now, beyond just the buzzword?
There’re fundamental emerging technologies and service model behind the cloud such as:
•Virtualization: the proven emerging technology to help consolidate physical servers
•SAAS: the Software as Service business model
•SOA: Software Oriented Architecture
•Web 2.0 : Web-based technology such as: video, audio, blog, wiki, etc.

3.What kind of infrastructure will be build on the top of Cloud?
• SAAS: Software as a Service
• PAAS: Platform as a Service
• IAAS: Infrastructure as a Service

4.The sustainable Cloud, the hype or reality?
Many of businesses believe the Cloud would be their business strategy by moving their data center to the cloud, when the technology become more mature with standardized GRC (governance, Risk and Compliance.

5.What’re those biggest concerns?
Data protection, privacy, security such as authentication and identification., etc.
Latency is probably the other big concerns for the data on the cloud.

Some observation: on Tue. Meeting, the Cloud audience is not so colorful, actually today, San Patrick’s day, I saw diversified audience with more color dressing, and the only female presenter in the whole conference won the launch pad, she really has a great demo: Switch to the Cloud by click-away, congratulations!

May more female leaders to stand on the cloud, not just compete with the men, but also Aliens!


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