Sunday, March 7, 2010

New American vs. New Shanghainese

Shang Hai, the biggest city in China, develop so fast, it attracts many new immigrants to reside in the city, to make the permanent population in Shang Hai amounted to 19.21 million at the end of 2009.

The new immigrants in Shang Hai come from following different categories: Executives and managers in multi-national companies from US and Europe and worldwide become the new Shang Hai Expatriates, to work and live there; the oversea students and professionals from China go back to work in Shang Hai because of potential growth opportunities there in recent years; and many young people from other provinces come to Shang Hai to get a job and grow a career., etc.

We call these new immigrants in Shang Hai New Shanhaineses, they make Shang Hai emerge to become the Oriental Pearl again, and regain the spotlight in new global landscape.

In US, we have the new immigrants from all other the world, you can almost meet people in every corner of the global here, especially if you live in the large metropolitan area such as California or New York.

We’d like to be called the new Americans; Compared to the native Americans born here, we consciously select this country as our new land to fulfill our dreams, just like new Shanghainese, we’re here not just for a fancy car or a bigger house, we’re here to explore the possibilities, to reach the human potentials.

The new Americans make US still the best wonderland in the world, the new Shanghainese make Shang Hai and China the new dreamed land shining in the East.


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