Thursday, March 25, 2010

Global 3.0 vs. Web 3.0

Today, I got the opportunity to participate the web meeting about “Cross-Cultural Competency”, very impressed on Dr. Karine Shomer’s deeper presentation focusing on multiple dimensions of diversity, core value difference of culture, and related work protocol differences.

From my observation, if saying the first decade of 21th century, the world embraced the Globalization at the faster pace, and became flatter than ever because of the web 2.0: the technology is all about social networking and mass collaboration with the blurring of lines between content creator and user; Global 2.0 means the global companies in developed countries outsourced manufacturing and also white collar engineering job to developing countries such as China and India, the global virtual team has been built up to work together to accomplish the life cycle of products or projects by taking advantage of web 2.0 technologies such as virtual meeting collaboration platform, blogs, video, audio, social network.
In the 2nd decade of 21th century we just stepped in, the world becomes not only flatter but also more colorful and synchronized than ever with multi-polar centers, it may come to the era of Global 3.0 by using emerging web 3.0 technologies, it based on “intelligent” web applications using:
•Natural language processing
•Machine-based learning and reasoning
•Intelligent applications

What exactly Global 3.0 and Web 3.0 means, it means:
•Openness: Web 3.0 means open sources, open application platform, an open data to create more open tools and possibility through the web; then Global 3.0 means: open culture understanding, not only for knowing the diversified customs, but also more understand the open style of multi-cultural communication, open mindset of diversified new leadership

•True 3-D Global: Web 3.0 means the global database, the 3D Web and beyond, the 3D avatars, 3D-Shopping, and 3D Communication & Collaboration; Global 3.0 means to truly understand the multiple dimension of diversities, not only respect the difference, but also penetrate and value the diversity.

•Control, not overload: Web 3.0 means to set up the standard and build up the order, and make users search and find information more accurately, then Global 3.0 means to unify, digest, inherent and absorb the quintessence of world-wide multiple cultures, to build up the colorful global culture and the best world than ever.


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