Saturday, August 22, 2015

An Introspection Mind

Wisdom begins in knowing thyself. -Aristotle

According to the dictionary, introspection is about the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes. Introspection means the desire to be good. Introspection brings the ability to look within and see the true self in the mirror of the heart, thus enabling one to activate inner spirituality.

Introspection is about seeing and embracing the darkness to bring it into the light. The intensity of darkness varies with each of us, and so is our understanding and action under the same conditions. Introspection helps cut through the mind-control-layers inside your head, listening with the heart, and bypassing subconscious limitations sure help! This is the way of having compassion for others and seeing the sameness of all humans. We all are human with human traits. Given any moment in time, put in the exact same life and circumstances of another, we would act no differently than others. Though, most would say that is not so since you would not be in your own personality either.

Introspection, awareness of self, includes the positives as well as the negatives thus, the reflection when one looks to another. Introspection is the ability to look in yourself. Awareness is the light that makes this process easy and smooth. Introspection means "the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes." Introspection is nothing but "Self-analysis." As one practices introspection, one can analyze what are the negative thoughts that stunt our evolution and take remedial measures.

Introspection is much needed to know yourself, draw your thoughts and opinions better and understand what’s happenings around you. It continues to wonder who I am, where I am, why I am, what I am and how I am. As you continue this journey called life, you look upon each day as an opportunity to answer these questions. Sometimes you are in the dark; sometimes you are in the light, and sometimes you are at under conscious state, the other time it’s at superconscious state. It takes the time to come to understand self and what that all encompasses. The true beauty of introspection is knowing that no matter where you are at in life, you are meant to be at that moment.

Introspection opens the mind to be on a path to a "better" version of yourself. Continuous "checking" in of oneself so that you can offer the best version of yourself to your workplace or community. A simple question to ask self every day; what have I learned today? How can I be better tomorrow? The examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes. The Cognitive Abilities, Emotional Awareness, and Physical Realities, this is how we relate to how we view each part of the process, continue to optimize the process and shape the better version of self.

Introspection is about going beyond the personality. The higher self is the self we connect with introspection. Observation is observing the personality. In the world of self-help, self-awareness, self-change, there is always one clear issue: the issue of self, you. To be of the balance with our footprint, to create the realities of one’s life journey; it is marked by one’s ripples, reflected in the realities of others. An individual can feel the improvement, but it can not be measured externally because introspection itself is an individual activity and also a self-reflective activity. If we do introspection regularly and try to check on our negative behavior, and then in due course, the negative thoughts start reducing and a time will come when they will almost eliminate.

If we really want to know what the inner world is about - to begin with, introspection does help us check on our weaknesses and strengthen our strengths. Embracing all of you. It's only on the inner journey that we truly understand why we do any of the things we do which lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves, and discover the wisdom on the journey and live with it.


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