Monday, August 3, 2015

The Conditions and States of Being Human...

The condition of being human is the endless search for the conditions that allow the human to maximize human potential.

Being human is both a condition and a state. A condition - if you consider just the physical plane. A state if you consider it from the mental and emotional plane of being. One can assume a human state of mind, depending on one's beliefs, values, and character. What are the conditions and states of being human?

The condition and state of being human are to respect other human beings. Nobody is perfect, however, we do have the choice to condition ourselves to act with respect towards one another. The condition of being human is to possess and practice the noble virtues of life. The main virtues being non-hatred, kindness, universal love, compassion, empathy or friendliness, are toward all beings and humility. These will help in developing other virtues like non-egoism, self-control, forgiveness, patience, tolerance, self-sufficiency, and self-reliance, uprightness, gratitude, etc. We are all individuals with different grades of humanness. Some are more human who has universal love and natural humility. Others are less human and are striving to become better humans.

The condition of being human is being who you are via self-reflection and self-realization. The condition of being human is the endless search for the conditions that allow the human to maximize the human potential and bring the humans dreams alive in the shared reality we call life. In other words, the condition of being human is to first find our true identity through self-reflection and self-realization and thereby avoid being a victim of situations and circumstances. Often today’s still immature society has to condition people to play by the rules, not do what they were born wired to do. The condition of being human is to enjoy your own unique life journey, to refine the meaning of life and learn something from it.

The condition of being human is the state of mind: either being unconscious, subconscious, conscious, or one can elevate oneself to a ‘superconscious’ state of mind which will be able to think not only of what exists (subconscious), how they exist in this world, being in the world (conscious), but also how could one possibly apply self in this world to change it, willing to act on how you see things as they could be (superconscious). What is one state of mind to one person need not necessarily mean the same thing to another? And that's where the conflict comes in. What we project gets reflected back us. All conflict only exists within, and the Law of Reflection states we will project that conflict to find the external reflection of what we look like and in asserting we will never act like them again, we reprogram our behavior and end the internal conflict with our representation of self and are able to love ourselves, and love others as well.

Everything is energy and the human condition is the conditional form of our energy signature and it moves from one conditional state to another. The condition of being human is the energy pattern that allows us to take this form and live as humans. Every state of energy is conditional and must meet certain conditions in order to take that form.


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