Sunday, August 23, 2015

What is Real Thinking

"Real" thinking occurs when you look for internal understanding in order to find a way to contribute something of value.

Thinking is all of it, the process of being individual and human - it's the inquiry that all of us are engaged in - who am I, what am I doing here, what is life? Many say that thought to the mind is like music to pianos. Thoughts come into our minds all the time; sometimes from higher consciousness and other times from the ego. However, we can stop ourselves from getting hooked on and thinking about their thoughts seriously. So what is the real thinking? Is it about flow or about value? About imagination or about meaning? About decision making or about problem-solving?

Before we can establish what real thinking is, we need to understand the entire thought process in which thinking is only a small part of. There is a lot going on at once that is difficult to break down into the smaller pieces or be definitive about. "Real" thinking occurs when you look for internal understanding in order to find a way to contribute something of value, that is an expression of your understanding based on your internal review of personal understanding and experience. When you just let the thought flow through and not get caught up in them, that's when you stay more aligned with the flow and then higher intuition, or revelation and prophecy come to you and through you.

Real Thinking comes with quieting the mind. The best way to develop thinking is in solitude turning within for discovery and asking yourself questions. Thinking has an either physical or nonphysical outcome. Those outcomes can be rational, irrational or maybe just neutral. To make the distinction between pure thought which comes through the mind without being filtered by the mind, and thinking, which is an interpretation of thought and usually based on past experiences being filtered through the mind. In times of conflict, of strife, of needs, one must be able to look ahead and understand the impact of one's thinking. The real thinking is usually profound through the profound outcomes sometimes are not intended. The basic thinking Laws are 1). Pause 2). Step outside yourself 3). Run all possible scenarios and evaluate their consequences. 4). there's a collapse between mechanism and thinking as though making decisions based on information is actually thinking. Coming up with solutions and answers is a human culture of progress and movement, and it's not all that thinking can be. The thought is not thinking; it's the endless stream of consciousness that makes it way between us - assessments, judgments, continuing opinions about this and that.

True thinking is the child of our imagination and is conveyed via creative communication. Imagination is the fountain of thinking and creative communication is the way to convey your thinking vividly. Our communication (writing and speaking) serves and expresses our imagination. One develops the art of thinking by first stimulating our imagination and developing the art of creative communication. The soundbite behavior shows a lack of being able to think deeply and then express oneself with depth. So the real thinking often happens when your mind and your heart are in harmony, the creativity is sparkled like the fountain and your thought gets out of the old box, and flow into the time river and the information sea.

Thinking is wider than decision making and deduction. Real thinking is thinking in a real (true) path, it diverges and converges; it comes consciously, subconsciously, or super-consciously; it’s nature but also nurtured, are you a real thinker?


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