Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Life is a Journey with Success and Failure

Life is a journey, failure is the chance to teach you the depth of life; success is the opportunity to show you the height of life.

True success means one is able to see the seed of failure in every success and within every success the possibility of failure. It means that one must always be humble enough to know that failure is always an option even when one is on top of the world. And diligent enough to recognize that if learn from the mistakes when fail. Life is a journey, failure is the chance to teach you the depth of life; success is the opportunity to show you the height of life; only experiencing both, you may live a multidimensional life.

The first one is the self-awareness which has to do with “knowing yourself.” It means knowing how to identify our strengths, our weak areas, our own way of reacting to situations, our preferences (in what situations and in what I'm good or I do not feel at ease), our desires, needs, emotions. Know ourselves allows us to predict how successfully we tackle the various situations that life or work will put us in front, going to meet prepared, and thus able to choose situations, behaviors and attitudes based on their functional objectives. Cognitive psychology is the study of the way in which the brain processes information. Neurophysiology is the branch of physiology that deals with the functions of the nervous system, and psychoneuroimmunology is the study of how emotional and other psychological responses influence the biochemistry of the brain, hormone production, and the immune response. When all of these sciences are working in concert in addition to personal characteristic traits one may possess such as being motivational or inspiring, can advance the manner of overcoming challenges and adverse situations while realizing one's own self-worth and abilities (or lack thereof) of realizing their goals or desired outcomes or not.

Learning is a continuous process: You can only get better from one's mistakes if you learn from them. Having a "positive attitude" is great, but if you don't learn something from the failures in your life, you'll just be a "positive-minded" failure. Learning is the key to moving forward to address any future potential challenges and issues with more confidence, and the knowledge that you "know" what to do to avoid previous failures. We only get better from every mistake or failure we make in life if we take it with a positive attitude. The thing that's hard is, some mistakes we make in life can never revert or have a second chance. With failure, you can fall down and stand up again. With mistake, we must take it with a positive attitude, once you take a positive attitude by recognizing your mistake, you're already learned from it in some way. It is not that every time we make the mistake and then only learn, learning is a constant process, to be better and better. When you do any mistake inadvertently, it is more than an ordinary, an ongoing learning opportunity, because here you learn from a mistake, something more, because, you have already paid for your mistake, so it is all the more important learning that you should never repeat the same, in your life in future, and if possible, one can be a guide genuinely for people in need, if come across, on such a point of life.

Building optimism by praising accomplishments can encourage a lifelong can-do attitude. An old saying goes like this: train to have confidence in yourself, because if you do not believe in yourself, forget that someone else do it for you! To achieve success is necessary above all the “enthusiasm,” the inner strength that is able to increase the quality of the individual and collective performance. The human being needs to be enthused to participate fully. Get excited about a goal to achieve is a form of love that allows you to pursue it with greater emotional determination. In general, objectives achieved without enthusiasm are mediocre. The second is the ability to impose themselves a method to set priorities balanced and impose the discipline needed to run them. When properly applied, the method allows to increase the ability to achieve personal and professional goals, but also to develop better relationships. It is a path that requires great openness and total involvement. Hence, the importance of enthusiasm, so that everyone can find their own implementing rules, reflecting on their habit, in their daily behavior, in order for the change to happen from the inside and become a way of life and work.

We only get better from every mistake and failure we make if we take it with a positive attitude and learn on. That said, adversity quotient or the science of measuring and strengthening human resilience encompasses the craftsmanship that has a direct correlation on how we act, react, think, and do things in all types of situations. Success is the relation between “who you are” and  “what you do”; "what you want," and "what you have." Success is filling the gap between "where you are & where you want to be"; Success is being where you want to be, and when you want to be there.


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