Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Do You Make Choices via Intuition or Deliberate Thinking?

Either intuition or intelligence, awareness is fundamental to making choices.

Perhaps the mind is one of the most complex things in the world; the mind is the interface between body and consciousness. It can be very active if we care for it. The mind can both think fast (intuition) and think slow (analytics); the mind is reasoning, calculating and creating, etc. Do you make choices more based on intuition or logic?

Whether we know it consciously or not, we are always making a choice. Still, we can't control the outcome of our choices, and sometimes the events either good or bad, happen that change our life or perspective in a totally makes the different direction. And if we choose to listen to our intuition, we may feel like being in the flow of life. Of course, we can never control an outcome because of numerous variables at play in our external environment which do make an impact on what we wish to achieve. More freedom with more choice is a myth. So, the choice doesn't mean freedom but instead, it is binding on one's decision-making ability. Given no choice at all, the human mind can always come up with something that it may cherish a lot and try to get it. The mind may feel free in a real sense in looking for what it cherished most, no matter whether it succeeds in finding one or not.

Intuition is not just the emotional side of the mind; sometimes it’s an inner calling. One has to be too deeply inclined, and sensitive, to listen to this subtlest sound of silence. Is it just our belief in intuition which finally influences our mind to go by the Intuition? Or is there a piece of concrete evidence to prove that intuition is all about what is destined for us? As human beings, we normally go by the belief in it and hence we may not get into an investigative mood about the outcome of following our intuition. We may tend just to accept whatever happens and be happy with it. Also, Intuition does not mean one stops making conscious choices totally. Conscious Choice is made when we apply our mind and "make a decision." This could be based on our intelligence, past experiences, and knowledge.

Awareness is fundamental to choice. Future outcomes or how events open is not in our hands. Choice with full awareness is the freedom from the conditioned circumstances. The more conscious we grow, the more aligned we become with our intuition. Guidance comes from within, but, very rarely would anyone depend on intuition or listen to the inner calling. It requires a lot of courage. Some courageous leaders choose to follow their intuition and taste success, not because they are emotional, but because they let the inner feeling flow, also apply the awareness and intelligence to make better choices, but not any choice.

Both intuitive and deliberate thinking have their places to make the right choice, intuition helps you make choices by discovering “who you are” and “what shall you do or choose” naturally, but deliberate thinking will allow you to verify or structure the multi-choices you can make intellectually, and mind is just used as a tool to pick the provided options at the right time and at the right place to make the free, but more importantly the optimal choice consciously or even superconsciously.


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