Saturday, October 31, 2015

Which Factors should a Strategy for Change Contain?

A strategy for "change" should focus on betterment.

The speed of change is accelerated, Either individuals or organizations spend significant time and resource to deal with the big changes such as radical digital transformation or small changes such as daily betterment. What’s the strategy behind the change, and which qualities or factors should such a strategy for change contain?

Vision: A strategy for change calls for a clear vision of the future and a roadmap for how we can get there. Change is not for its own sake, focus on the business purpose behind it. The change platform approach should focus more on establishing the right enduring organizational values and capabilities to enable continuous improvement. A change in the fundamental way you look at what you are doing is needed. Why are you trying to make changes? What are you going to do with it? Who are you going to help with it?

Planning: A strategy for "change" should focus on betterment. Change for the sake of change doesn't help anyone. The most  important factor for positive change is flexibility in planning. Theoretical solutions will encounter problems in the real world. Those who plan the solutions need to also be capable of implementing them. Only this coordination between the plan and implementation can succeed. It needs to be done in real-time. And the problem solving / crisis resolution must be handled in real time by as many involved parties as possible.

Emotional charge: World-changing-acts need to be delivered together with a positive emotional charge. The emotional charge keeps the memory of the act alive for a longer period. The receivers of the act that please them, respond intuitively in a similar fashion. The pleasing act also slightly changes the receivers’ perception of others in a positive light...Change is the one constant in life. Some changes should be resisted, and some should be embraced. The purpose of all changes is to make the improvement. At the individual level, we must bring in a transformation in our personality to fix higher or noble ideal like self- realization and pursue it with determination, perseverance, and steadfastness until that idea is achieved. At organizational or societal level, change means to make collective human progress with the focus on social and community responsibility with an emphasis on advancement, innovation, and sustainability.

Process: Processes underpin organization’s change capability. Hence, pay attention to the processes under the surface, in order to be aware of them, as an organization. Change is a constant. Platforms support constants. Change is not an event. Events can be managed top down. Change can be supported top down, but change cannot be fully managed or controlled top down, it has to be proactively made bottom up. including planners in the implementation phase is a valid process improvement. It can make them aware of potential crossroads they previously hadn't foreseen, and it can involve them in crafting a solution to the new problem. This way, the plan can be altered on a daily basis, according to individual problems in each community. Most large-scale plans fail because the planners do not envision the problems. Change is happening all the time, the management just has to acknowledge and appreciate that.

Creativity: Creativity today asks for a new mindset. Real change and creativity are deprogramming old mindsets, letting go of "the voices from the past," reprogramming our minds with new values, norms, and attitudes; establishing a new blueprint for how we want to create our future reality. This is a task for visionary or entrepreneur-minded leaders to convey and make an impact. Finding ways to satisfy key players also takes a lot of creativity, each one has a different agenda and rarely is it centered on what's best for the organization. Creativity is a key to satisfying these agendas and achieving the benefits of the change.

Change is inevitable, and change is a strategic imperative. Taking the time to know who you are and what you like and the big WHY about the changes. Collectively, if we are to become a healthier race of humans we have to deal with change in every area of our life and each of us is the only one that can say what it is right for us. Reformation, refinement or evolution of the individual through self-realization is the most ideal aim for the betterment of Humanity.


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