Tuesday, October 18, 2016

“Talent Master” Book Monthly Tuning: Talent Management Innovation Oct. 2016

People are always the most invaluable asset in businesses. “Hiring the right person to the right position at the right time,” is the mantra of many forward-thinking organizations. The question is how would you define the right people? How do you define wrong, average, mediocre, good, great or extraordinary person? Or put simply, for what should they be right? Traditional Performance Management focusing on measuring what an employee does (mainly being told to do) in a quantitative way is not sufficient to identify high performance or high potential, should we see through talent from different angles, and how to manage talent in a digital way?

        Talent Management Innovation

  • How to Innovate Talent Management? With the increasing speed of changes and advanced digital technologies, organizations large or small are also facing the challenges to innovate talent management and take care of their most important assets - people more effectively. It starts with mind shift - from treating people as cost and resource to the plugin, to thinking them as human capital to invest in. Research shows that the foundation of business success is innovation. Creativity is #1 skill needed in the digital era, how can organizations build a creative working environment and unleash their talent potential as well as the full business potential

  • Innovating Talent Management via Three “How” Inquiries? The digital transformation means that companies need to infuse digital into every aspect of the business, shaping the enterprise-wide digital capabilities and overall ecosystem which include people, processes, and technology. As Digital is the age of people, people are always the most invaluable human asset and capital investment in any business, but often the weakest link in Digital Transformation. So how would you define the right people? How do you define wrong, average, mediocre, good, great and extraordinary person? And how can you innovate Talent Management via inquiries?

  • “Talent Master” Book Conclusion: Talent Management Innovation Digital is the age of people, people are always the most valuable human asset and capital investment in any business, but often the weakest link in Digital Transformation as well. The static and often “one size fit all” traditional talent management and performance management have obvious weak spots to manage increasingly dynamic digital workforce today. It’s a strategic imperative for top business leaders and talent managers to see talent from different angles, ask insightful questions to understand talented people profoundly. And it's equally important for digital professionals to keep digital fit, enforce digital creativity, build digital intelligence, improve digital professionalism, and unleash their full potential. The book "Talent Master - 199 Questions to See Talent from Different Angle" is to fit such a purpose. The goal of Talent Management innovation is to build a creative working environment, encourage change, and inspire innovation, with the ultimate goal to maximize the future potential of the business as well.

  • HR Innovation : HR is the steward of business’s most valuable asset-people, and thus, it plays a strategic role in business transformation. HR is uniquely positioned to provide senior levels with a 'sanity check.' Is there a disconnect between HR real-time experience of what is needed, and leadership development at the top? How would you look at this situation from internal communications and relational perspective? Is there a leverage point somewhere? What if you're in HR and really feel you're working with vintage models or focusing on the wrong problems. Or put simply, how do you manage HR innovation effectively??

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