Monday, October 24, 2016

The CIO’s Digital Agenda: Tuning IT Organizational Structure for Business Friendly and Digital Ready Oct. 2016

Digital means flow; digital organizations have to adapt to the continuous changes and business dynamic in striving as digital masters.

IT is the foundation of data, information, and modern knowledge. The biggest misnomer regarding IT is that it is "just technology." The most powerful and differentiating tool in all of the today's businesses is INFORMATION and that, is provided by IT systems. From organizational design perspective, how to continually fine-tune IT and get IT digital ready?

Tuning IT Organizational Structure for Business Friendly and Digital Ready  Oct.  2016

  • How to Structure a Business-Friendly IT Organization?  Due to the changing nature of technology, IT organization also has to continue to re-imagine, reinvent and reshuffle itself to adapt to the changes. But the goal for changes or IT transformation is ultimately for achieving business goals. So the point is what are the fair reasons to do IT reorganization and  how to structure a business-friendly IT organization?

  • The “Digital Way” of an Organizational Structure and Beyond? Organizations large or small are on the journey to digital transformation, and there are different theories of organizational structure evolution and continuous brainstorming about the concept of self-management, the format of future of the organization - from Holacracy to sociocracy; from agile to Stoos, etc. The whole point is how to build a more creative and productive working environment in which the employees’ talent can be unleashed; and business as a whole is more optimal than the sum of pieces, in order to adapt to the change with the accelerating speed. Ultimately, to re-imagine what's the digital way to run a business?

  • Three Considerations in Reinvent IT Organizational Structure? Many IT organizations or enterprise as a whole intend to reinvent their “stale” working environment with the 20th culture such as bureaucracy, inertia to change, rewarding mediocrity, homogeneous leadership & talent team, over-complex business processes, inefficient communication pipelines, etc. However, reinventing organizational structure is not an easy task, it takes both strategic planning and operational alignment to make it work and improve organizational maturity. So how to reinvent IT organizational structure and build more creative and productive working environment?

  • Building a Self-adaptive Digital Organization? Digital means flow; digital organizations have to adapt to the continuous changes and business dynamic in striving as digital master. Within system engineering, self-adaptive concepts are applied in order to control system risks that evolve due to dynamics and variation. The self-adaptive system is a system able to re-configure its own structure and change its own behavior during the execution of its adaptation to environment changes?

  • CIO Reporting Structure: Does it Matter to IT Maturity? Ever since the "early days" (the 1980s), IT has frequently reported through the business/CFO channel. This is the true state of CIOs today. However, IT is transforming from a cost center to value creator, from IT-business alignment to IT-business engagement; from IT as back office support function to front office innovation engine, what is the ideal CIO reporting structure, does it matter to IT maturity?

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