Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The New Book “Change Insight” Quote Collection I

Change shouldn’t be treated as a singular occurrence when it is an ongoing, continued process and dynamic capability within the organization.

There are many books written about changes, but very few dig into the mindset level. Change Management starts with a thought, with a flash of insight, insight is the act or result of understanding the inner nature of changes or of seeing things intuitively, Here are a set of insightful quotes to inspire change and convey the digital philosophy of Change Management:

  1. You don’t need to be a psychologist to manage change, but you need to understand psychological emotions behind changes.
  2. It takes courage, motivation, discipline, and persistence to get out of comfort zone.
  3. What is more interesting is what drives people’s perspective.
  4. Just like changing personality, culture change is possible but difficult.
  5. Change is the problem if for its own sake.
  6. It takes critical thinking to frame the right problem and empathetic thinking to address the correct need.
  7. Digital is the age of pervasive innovation, from communication, culture to product and service.
  8. The psychology of the change is that “People like to change, but do not want to be changed and there is the difference.”
  9. The purpose of people-centric Change Management is to build an ongoing change capability.
  10. A holistic approach is an optimal path for change.
  11. Asking big “WHY” question is to dig through the root cause of changes, how to manage it and achieve a more tangible result.
  12. Changes at any level within an organization (individual, team or organization) or across business ecosystem require intent.
  13. Change capability is one of the strategic capabilities which underpin successful execution and move the organization from efficiency to agility.
  14. The big “WHEN” about change is not just a particular moment, but a thought-out planning with clear defined timelines.
  15. Change is just the vehicle to elevate you toward the ultimate destinations.
  16. Change Management = The human side of change.
  17. Fundamentally leadership is about change and influencing people to change.
  18. The drive of Change Leadership is fo making progress and inspiring innovation.
  19. Leadership is about change.
  20. Change shouldn’t be treated as a singular occurrence when it is an ongoing, continued process and dynamic capability within the organization.
  21. With proactive support and full engagement of top leaders, Change Management can become an enjoyable voyage to discover the new landscape of businesses.
  22. Harness the different experiences, perspectives and ideas of people across multiple generations to unleash enormous human potential.
  23. Change is a digital continuum.
  24. Mindset is the “software,” and software is eating the world. Deal with changes at the mindset level.
  25. The purpose of setting communication principles is to build an effective digital workplace where collaboration and sharing are the norms.
  26. Change is simply a shift of the “Old Way - Chaos - New Way” to do things.
  27. Look at resistances as a source of energy and where there is energy there is still passion and potential.
  28. The solution to encourage creativity is to maximize use of employee’ brainpower.
  29. Strategy, role-model, systems thinking, trust, relationship management, balance, etc. are all important culture change principles.
  30. Without the right set of system principles, the white can be taken as black, the round can be perceived as square, and the good can be translated into evil.
  31. The value of an individual is measured based on productivity, creativity, and contribution to the organization today and tomorrow.

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