Sunday, October 16, 2016

The New Book “Change Insight” Introduction Chapter 8 Building High-Mature Organizations with Changeability

The multidimensional digital effects provide an impressive advantage in term of the speed of delivery, the quality of information for decision making, and the wisdom of digital workforce.

Digital makes a profound impact from a specific function to the business as a whole, the purpose of such radical digitization is to make a significant difference in the overall levels of customer delight and achieve high performing business result, to ultimately build a high mature digital organization. In reality, even an organization may be in business for many years but has not matured its management practices or lack of well-defined sets of business principles and practices to manage the business in a structural way. Unfortunately, many businesses get stuck in the lower level of maturity - reactive, operational driven, slow to change. How can they truly become highly effective, highly responsive, and people-centric digital business?

Looking out of problems before long into the problems: You need to have a holistic view of the organization. The first step when thinking about a system is to understand the purpose of containing system. “Looking out of the problem,” before looking into the problem.” In most circumstances, you don’t understand your business environment because you have never looked outside the problem boundary. If, and when you ever develop the capacity for synthesis, you will discover the business system has social, ecological, economic and political elements and you must advance the development of all of these factors in order to solve the problems in a holistic way and improve organizational maturity seamlessly.

Advocate the mantra of continuous improvement: Today’s digital companies need to be organized in keeping with quantum world, they need to emphasize participation, relationships, communication, and realize that they will need to renew themselves periodically to cope effectively with change and have a fluid structure that responds effectively to the business dynamic. There should always, at every turn be a taste of better days, of continual improvement of retrospective action planning, incremental goal achieving, and creative idea brainstorming. Modern management is responsible for enabling a collaborative, innovative, intelligent, inspiring and inclusive working environment, nurturing dissent and creativity rather than relentless drive to achieve a single metric is a way to move forward. Self-empowered employees and teams catalyze changes. By having an empowered, self-aware, self-motivated and even self-managed workforce that is able to respond to changing conditions, using its own initiative, can truly make a business nimble and high mature.

Holistic performance management: If you want to build a forward-looking, high-performance and high-mature digital organization, each responsibility of each job within the organization should not be evaluated based on the impact of the individual or a department’s goals, but on the overall impact of the enterprise. Building and maintaining trust, transparency, respect and envisioning workforce, collaboration and forward thinking are frequently retarded or prevented by organizations defining success on the individual or departmental performance level only. Set the relevant performance metrics to manage those who are roadblocks to collaboration. Avoid silo thinking, at an individual level, measure both “thinking” and “doer” performance; at the organizational level, reward the mentality or behavior that ensure the business as a whole is superior to the sum of pieces.

For the human to move to higher ground, we must have different views, but we need to share the common ground as well. Digital become the very fabric to solve many of today’s challenges. Digital transformation represents the next stage of business agility and maturity, which will improve how the enterprise works and interact with its ecosystem, with people at the center of its focus. The multidimensional digital effects provide an impressive advantage in term of the speed of delivery, the quality of information for decision making, and the wisdom of digital workforce.


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