Monday, October 17, 2016

The New Book “Change Insight” Conclusion: It is Time to Change

It is the time to change!

Digital means change with increasing velocity and speed. One of the good reasons for the change is to keep the organization fit, and a fitting business has better changeability and higher agility as well. Change is no longer just a one-time business initiative, but an ongoing business capability. Change capability is one of the strategic capabilities which underpin successful strategy execution and radical digital transformation. Change shouldn’t always be painful, Change Management can become an enjoyable voyage to discover the new landscape of the business, capture the fresh insight, reboot mindset, fuel the energy in leading a successful digital transformation.

Present the big “WHY”: Change is the vehicle, not the purpose of doing a project, it is the key to present the big WHY first, focus on the business vision and purpose behind it. Without digging into the big why, and trying to fix a symptom, not the real problem, is often one of the biggest pitfalls in Change Management.

Practice people-centric Change Management: Change Management can become more successful with people at the core of change, the cause of changes and the purpose of change. Change Management is about mentoring the human side of the business through profound, unsettling change.

Keep it simple, leverage creativity, apply Systems Thinking: To make the change as simple as possible, not simpler. Change shouldn’t be tedious, there is no reason why creativity can not or does not form part of the Change Management practices. And organizational Change Management should ensure that the business as a whole is superior to the sum of pieces.

It is the time to change!

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Keeping things simple is key. We work with change in the IT industry all the time and I find my team often errs on looking for the newest, most modern technologies to address problems without really thinking about the problem at hand.
I also have experienced that as we grow and get more complex as an organization, making sure to focus on our core mission—our organizational goals is critical. . I was wondering if enterprise architecture is a solution to help businesses manage the most effective change. I recently signed up for a course from the Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence that specifically addresses how complex organizations can confront change effectively—without having to invest in new assets with every organizational change.

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