Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Monthly “Digital Gaps” Book Tuning: Gap Minding Leadership Apr. 2018

 If you are not taking steps now to shrink that leadership gaps, you will not be prepared to lead the digital business in the future. 

"Digital Gaps -Bridging Multiple Gaps to Run Cohesive Business” is a guidebook to help digital leaders and professionals today identify, analyze, and mind multiple gaps with the multidisciplinary insight and holistic understanding. Today’s digital organization simply just can’t stand still, bridging the 'gap of opportunity' between where you are and want to become is a welcomed challenge. Leadership is about future and change, it is important to bridge leadership gap and take a stepwise approach to make a leap of digital transformation.

                            Gap-Minding Leadership

The Digital CIO as the Gap Minding Role? Nowadays, information is permeating into every corner of the business and technology is often the disruptive force of digitalization. The CIO is not a static management role, but a dynamic leadership role due to the changing nature of technology and overwhelming growth of information. Especially now more and more enterprises are leveraging IT for revenue-generating initiatives. The IT leader of the future and the exemplars of today must move away from pure IT manager, and become a trustful business partner and an insightful strategist to bridge the gap between IT and business, and between the industrial age and the digital era, The important component of IT leadership success has to do with the definition or scope of the role that the CIO is playing and the profundity of IT leadership influence

Gap Minding Leadership Practices in Digital Boardroom? Digitalization makes the business flatter and the world smaller because of its nature of hyper-connectivity and interdependence. Competition at the leading edge of business is also becoming fiercer at the age of digitalization and globalization. Thus, successful companies need to grow and innovation is no longer "nice to have," but must have business competency. The corporate board plays a critical role in setting policies for innovation and exemplifying leadership influence. Thus, foresightful BoDs should always look for the complementary mindsets, diverse experiences, and differentiated skillsets so that collectively, they can avoid groupthink, make sound judgments, provide innovative advice and mind leadership gaps to ensure the boardroom digital ready. ?

Three “G” Factors in Innovators? Creativity is an innate ability to create naval ideas. Creativity is, by nature, unique to each person. Being innovative is a state of mind. There is no template which you can apply and suddenly have a creative workforce. It must be done slowly, experimentally, patiently, and individually. Either for individuals or businesses, creativity is a long-term endeavor. It must be cultivated. The best way to foster creativity is to help people communicate in a way that instills confidence, not fear; rejuvenate passion, not routine; inspire thinking differently, not “command and control.” Here are three “G” factors in innovators.?

The New Book “Digital Gaps” Chapter 2 Introduction: Digital Leadership Gaps Digital means hyperconnectivity, fierce competition, and “VUCA” digital normality. Successful companies need to keep growing and innovating, and developing the next generation of leadership is one of the best ways to do that. The variety of management studies shows that there are significant leadership gaps for both innovation management and management innovation, as well as the radical digital transformation. The traditional cookie-cutting matching leadership development approach more possibly lands a homogeneous follower, cannot discover an authentic leader. And traditional talent pool is too static, limited and not dynamic enough to select authentic, creative, and energetic digital leaders who can lead more effectively in today’s complex global business environment. The change needs to come from the top to amplify its influence. If you are not taking steps now to shrink that leadership gaps, you will not be prepared to lead the digital business in the future. But more specifically, how to identify and close digital leadership gaps in order to improve leadership effectiveness and maturity?

Three Traits to Bridge Digital and Global Leadership Gaps We are at the age of digital dawn, now the physical barriers can no longer be the walls to separate people from communicating and sharing knowledge and insight, are we on the way to recognize the best of the best, or simply blend the variety of perspectives into the new ideas and solutions, and more critically, what are emergent traits to bridge global leadership gaps, and develop the new generation of digital leaders and managers who can gain respect, win hearts and minds not just locally, but globally?

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