Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Monthly “IT Innovation” Book Tuning: Running IT as Innovation Glue Apr. 2018

Within abundant information and emergent digital technologies, IT is a key component of holistic business mindset to re-imagine “what is possible” - unleashing business potentials and improving business efficiency, effectiveness, agility, and maturity. The art of possible to reinvent IT for the digital age is to deliver the value of information in helping businesses grow, delight customers and doing more with innovation.


                             Running IT as Innovation Glue   

Running IT as Innovation Glue? Nowadays, information is the lifeblood of the business and technologies are the disruptive forces behind digital innovation. The highly innovative organizations depend more heavily on its technological knowledge and IT-enabled capabilities to develop and commercialize innovation. IT is the super glue to weave all important business elements seamlessly for building the unique business competency, manage a balanced innovation portfolio and improve innovation success rate.

IT is the lubricant to the fine-tuned digital continuum Organizations rely more and more on technologies; the IT department has more and more to overcome in streamlining information flow and running at digital speed. People tend to have high expectation of digital flow, very little patience with technology issues. IT has to continue improving its own business and services, as well as keep optimizing the company’s processes and competency. In digital organizations, IT is the lubricant to a fine-tuned digital continuum.

How does IT handle investigations of innovative business solutions?
IT plays a critical role in building business competency. IT has itself transformed to create a new competitive advantage via building new products, new services and delivering tailored business solutions. But many of today’s C-suites are unaware of what is technologically possible now or in the future. Digital is the age of options, it provides the opportunity to think the new way to do things, so it forces IT leaders to get really creative on how they architect and implement change, and how IT handles investigation of innovative business solutions, to change the business’s perception, reinvent its tarnished reputation and improve the overall business maturity.

Running an “I” driven Digital IT Organization? DDigital means the rapid change, with an unprecedented level of unrepeatability and unpredictability. The ability of companies to consume and make sense of the information that is available to make good decisions or capture business insight for enforcing innovation within today’s digital dynamic is becoming a nearly insurmountable challenge. IT as the information steward, how to manage information well and unleash the full digital potential of the business?

The New Book “IT Innovation” Introduction Chapter 1 Reinvent IT as an Innovation Hub There is no one size fits all formula to run a highly effective and highly innovative IT organization because different IT organizations and the enterprise as the whole are at the different stage of the business maturity. Therefore, it’s important for IT leaders to create a comprehensive list of the IT organization’s strengths, weaknesses, goals, and objectives. Digital IT is a paradigm shift in role, responsibility, and attitude. Your goals and objectives will be your drivers. Your strengths and weaknesses will be your constraints. Running IT as an innovation hub means IT can be used as a tool, enabler, catalyzer, and a digital platform to orchestrate change and facilitate idea creation and implementation, to meet the ultimate goal of an organization’s short/medium/long-term strategic plans

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