Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Monthly “Digital Master” Book Tuning: The Tide and Wave of Digitalization Apr. 2018

Digital makes a significant impact on every aspect of the business from people, process to technology, both horizontally and vertically. Digital becomes the very fabric of high performing business, being outside-in and customer-centric is the new mantra for forward-looking and high mature digital organizations today.   

The Tide and Wave of Digitalization

The Tide, Wave, and Ripple Effect of an evolving digital organization? Change is the new normal. The speed of change is increasing, to put simply, change itself changes. Change Management also turns to be more complex. Digitalization is all about the exponential growth of information, rapid speed of changes, hyperconnectivity and interdependence. The emergence of potential opportunities for exploiting digitization is likely to follow a nonlinear pattern as the pervasiveness of an organization's digitization journey increases. The digital ecosystem has also become more complex and dynamic. Therefore, today’s digital leaders need to understand the tide, wave, and ripple effect of an evolving digital organization in order to manage changes seamlessly.

Take the Logical Scenario to Beat Digital Change Curves: Now with the uncertainty around the volatile market situations, extreme competitions, continuous disruptions, and unprecedented business complexity, digital organizations today must be responsive to the increasing speed of changes. Digitalization is a journey, not just a one-time business initiate, riding ahead of the change wave takes both strategy and methodology. How to take the logical scenario to beat digital curves, improve business performance, and achieve business maturity.

How to Manage Digital Tensions for Thriving in the “VUCA” Business New Normal? Companies today have huge pressures to survive and thrive in today’s hypercompetitive economic dynamic. There are business tensions between old and new; physical and virtual, silo and connectivity. Majority of well-established companies today are running at both industrial speed and digital speed. It's so easy to get stuck in the “comfort zone,”instead of adapting to changes and bringing advancing thinking and progressive activities to light. Business leaders and managers must contemplate how to break down those old thinking boxes, and manage digital tensions to thrive in the "VUCA" business new normal??

The Bumpy Road to Going Digital Digital era is volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous, the shift to digital cuts across sectors, geographies and leadership roles, the digital transformation is now spreading rapidly to enable organizations of all shapes and sizes to reinvent themselves. It is important to bridge the multitude of gaps for speeding up changes, unlocking performance, and building a delightful workplace in order to run a high performance and high mature digital organization. However, many organizations are still confused digital with general technology adoption. It's a significant shift from doing digital to going digital and being digital. In practice, doing digital perhaps means that the business takes a few initiatives for adopting some new gadgets, but going digital is an overarching management discipline which includes breaking down silos, tuning underlying processes & functions, managing both tangible and intangible business elements, evolving emerging trends and dynamic ecosystem. There are numerous barriers and pitfalls on the way, and for most organizations, it will be the bumpy road from doing digital to going digital.

The New Book “Digital Maturity” Introduction Chapter 8 From “Doing Digital” to “Being Digital”? Digitalization is not equal to digital technology. At the high maturity level, organizations have to stretch out in every business dimension for driving the full-fledged digital transformation. Doing digital is perhaps about taking a few actions, but being digital is the fundamental shift from the mindset to behavior. There are a couple of evolutionary stages businesses have to experience in order to ride above the learning curve and move up the business maturity from “Doing Digital,” to “Being Digital.”

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