Monday, April 9, 2018

The New Book “Digital Maturity” Quote Collection IV

The purpose of the book “Digital Maturity: Take a Journey of a Thousand Miles from Functioning to Delight” is to envision the future of the business, articulate the very characteristics of digital organizations; reimagine the interdisciplinary and hyperconnected digital ecosystem; fine-tune processes and structures of the digital busins to what can be achieved within its fraess; develop the best and next practices to charter the digital paradigm shift seamlessly; leverage information & technology as the linchpin of the digitalization; take a holistic approach to measure digitalization effort; avoid pitfalls and barriers on the way; and make a leap from doing digital to being digital effortlessly.

51 Define clearly how you will measure success in meeting the business purpose and vision.

52 Performance Management is a holistic management discipline which needs to connect many relevant dots to involve development, enablement, and enhancement.

53 A well-defined set of measurement for digital transformation should contain a good mix of the long-term strategic measures along with the short-term operational measures.

54 What gets measured gets managed.

55 Innovation management assessment and measurement are both art and science.

56 Whatever the measurement system is, it needs to be consistent, repeatable, and as unbiased as possible.

57 Performance is a combination of many factors and shouldn’t be quantified so easily.

58 Every measure selected should be part of a link of cause-and-effect relationships, and ultimately affects the growth and long-term perspectives of the organization.

59 By closing all those fatal blindspots, and organization can be well prepared to effectively and efficiently absorb and accept changes in all its forms.

60 Digital is worth its weight when all parts of the choir sing their respective parts in harmony to achieve a higher purpose and make a unique impact.

61 Being digital ready is both an attitude and a set of leadership and business capabilities.

62 Bridging innovation gaps is a strategic imperative for business execution.

63 To overcome digital stagnation, empower your change agents who present game-changing mindsets and well-rounded changeability.

64 To clear the path of digitalization, whether that is the elimination of obstacles, closing the blind spots, or to provide guidance so that the business as a whole can take a digital leap and unleash its full potential.

65 Don’t just play the number game, but connect the contextual dots and focus on the overall business objectives.

The New Book Introduction: "Digital Maturity: Take a Journey of a Thousand Miles from Functioning to Delight"?

The New Book “Digital Maturity” Introduction Chapter 1 The Characteristics of Digital Organizations

The New Book Introduction Chapter 2 The Interdisciplinary Aspects of Orchestrating a Digital Business Ecosystem

The New Book "Digital Maturity" Introduction Chapter 3 Fine-Tune Organization Structures to Get Digital Ready

The New Book “Digital Maturity” Introduction Chapter 4: The Next Practices to Orchestrate Digital Paradigm Shift Seamlessly

The New Book “Digital Maturity” Chapter 5 Introduction: IT Maturity is Proportional to the Overall Business Maturity

The “Digital Maturity” BookIntroduction Chapter 6: Take a Holistic Approach to Measure Digital Transformation

The New Book “Digital Maturity” Introduction Chapter 7 The Pitfalls in Digital Managment

The New Book “Digital Maturity” Introduction Chapter 8 From “Doing Digital” to “Being Digital”

The New Book “Digital Maturity” Book Conclusion: Develop the strong Pillars to Build High-Mature Digital Organization


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