Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How Can IT Reach the Next Phase of Digital Blossom?

To reach the next phase of digital blossom, IT is thriving to grow vigorously, to flourish and become the game changer of the business.

Forward-thinking organizations across industrial sectors declare they are in the information management business. IT organizations need to be propositive, which means taking the proactive attitude, leading ahead of the pack, keeping ideas flow, contributing to the long-term business growth, and march to the next phase of digital blossom.

High-level CIO Leadership Competency: Reinventing IT starts with leadership innovation. CIOs should be empowered to lead changes, bridge IT and business gaps, and drive digitalization proactively. Due to hyperconnectivity and interdependence of digital organization, the breadth of digital CIO role requires IT leaders gaining a comprehensive understanding of the business ecosystem, including interwoven business elements such as customers, employees, business partners, all other stakeholders, the business’s competitive landscape, etc. The top CIOs today are the specialized generalist to practice expert power. The depth of CIO leadership is based on the unique insight IT leaders can bring up to the table, their profound understanding of the digital ecosystem, their business acumen, technique expertise, and leadership strength. What determines the maturity level of the CIO position is the impact they have made on others, and hence, their reputation as well as achievements. To reach the next phase of digital blossom, CIOs and other CXOs should stand side by side with the ultimate business goals of creating innovative products, integrating IT across all business units and transforming IT into the profit center. CIOs who have developed high-level of influential competence seek to understand the mindset of all related parties and practice multidimensional leadership influence based on fact-based communication, mixing candor with openness, and balancing curiosity and humility.

Digital IT is not just a service provider, but a business solutionary: To keep IT relevant for the long run, the role of IT in the current business environment should be able to solve critical business problems and enable business outcomes. IT management must get a feeler of the business view. This is extremely difficult to achieve without spending significant time on learning the business. It means that IT understands what’s the customers’ true need from outside-in view, not just follow their order, but help to solve their problems in the better way. Because the ways of doing business and meeting customer expectations both tend to be more flexible than the siloed industrial age. Running IT as the business “solutionary” is about leveraging information and the latest technology tools for providing solutions that will increase the functionality to lower cost, and if applicable, increase output. To reach the next phase of digital blossom, digital IT should focus on information, insight, improvement, and innovation, to ensure IT is no longer just a commodity service provider, but the strategic business partner. Even you cannot fulfill all business’s demands, but you deliver what you promise, and you do what is the best fit for the business’s strategy and goals.

Speed matters for riding learning curves and reaching the next phase of the businesses maturity: With overwhelming growth of information and increasing pace of changes, how successful organizations can handle digital disruption depends on how fast and capable they can adapt to the ever-changing environment. However, many IT organizations still have the reputation as the controller and not fast enough to respond to changes. The type of speed issues in many traditional IT organizations come from gaps created between IT and the rest of the company or the IT management’s short-term focus of transaction. Up to the next level of digital blossom, IT needs to adapt faster to grasp business opportunities for marketing expansion, shaping unique business competency for the long-term business growth. If possible, IT should focus on the fastest speed available because that is where the main threat is to competitiveness. IT acceleration also means to speed up the organizational vehicle, make sure IT and business are always on the same page though. An information-savvy organization can reach the inflection point to speed up and achieve high performance through seamless execution and by taking the collaboration road.

To reach the next phase of digital blossom, IT is thriving to grow vigorously, to flourish and become the game changer of the business. Running IT as the business becomes a new fixture for digital management in their efforts to substantiate their competitive position, affect the market landscape, drive new revenue growth, and bring the competitive business advantage effortlessly.


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