Saturday, June 2, 2018

Tipping to Scale Digital Systematically

The digital organization is a system that is not scalable so easily, but it’s the worthy effort to amplify business capabilities, accelerate and sustain changes. 

Digitalization implies the full-scale changes in the way businesses are conducted. It is important to understand that digital transformation is multifaceted. Digital management is responsible for designing, enabling, and enforcing a collaborative, innovative, intelligent, inspiring and inclusive working environment for engaging employees, delighting customers, and unlocking business performance. Leading organizations are able to identify the critical spot to scale up, and leverage the framework approach for reaching the next level of business growth and organizational maturity systematically.

Looking uphill can help to identify the real problems that matter, and on a scale that can make a difference: The real challenge is to understand where and how you can and should improve to get the biggest effect and scale up across the digital ecosystem. Digital means the increasing speed of changes, customer-centricity, hyperconnectivity, and always-on business dynamic. Look for providing business solutions which will directly benefit the external end customers and improve business competency. For that, companies need to have a very clear vision and understanding of why they exist and the value they bring to customers and the very reason for digital transformation. To build differentiated business competency, you have to transform the company’s underlying functions and integrate all important business elements such as people, process, technology, and culture into cohesive business competency. To scale up, organizations must begin thinking about ways with strategic planning to broaden their ecosystems and revenue streams which becoming more responsive and flexible. When businesses can identify problems really matter, dig into the root cause, and fix them radically, they reach the moment to accelerate changes and amplify digital impact, explore new opportunities aggressively and expedite for rising to the new height effortlessly.

Looking at innovation management from the perspective of developing business-wide innovation capability: Digital is the age of innovation. One of the most important aspects of scaling up digital means that the organization is debunking the innovation puzzle and able to manage innovation with a systematic approach. This requires an effective 'innovation ecosystem' that is capable of supporting both widespread incremental innovation in products/services and the rarer breakthrough innovation, working methodology, business model, and market positioning. The highly innovative companies can connect wider dots - the key resources/assets in their vicinity and context to the information and resource-rich hub or clusters across the business ecosystem for sowing innovation seeds, growing into fruitful plants and reaping the business benefit. They can also expand the ability to scale up innovation practices across the digital ecosystem. When innovating to create new value, position a brand, align people inside an organization or differentiate and position products or services in diverse markets, organizations are on the right track to developing innovation as the management process and the business-wide unique competency.

Developing a set of next practices to scale up digital steadfastly: More and more firms are learning and implementing best practices for scaling up change efforts, unlocking digital performance and improving the success rate of innovation. For example, every organization needs to develop the tailored innovation practices by leveraging effective tools or methodologies and use them wisely with the expertise to really add value or drive innovation. However, the practice that is “best” today is almost always not "best" in the future due to change circumstances. Therefore, businesses must match the vision and tailor their own need to develop a set of next practices to scale up by adding the right ingredients and going digital internally and culturally. It’s about how to keep tuning a structure that makes the business more responsive, scalable, highly connected, and continually deliver what the business needs and maximize the digital potential of the company.  Digital organizations arise when the scale of the interrelations, interactions, and collaboration amplifies the collective capability to achieve more values for the organization.

The digital organization is faster, always “on,” high connected and super competitive. It is a system that is not scalable so easily, but it’s the worthy effort to amplify business capabilities, accelerate and sustain changes. Digital transformation efforts need to be undertaken as the means of getting to a designated business competency to accomplish a defined goal and manage a seamless digital continuum.


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