Friday, June 29, 2018

The Emotion Life Cycle Behind Digital Management

The emotion behind the change is the catalyst - to make our “visions” reality. 

Human history is an evolutionary journey to keep advancing economically, technologically, and sociologically. Digitalization implies the full-scale changes in the way business is conducted so that simply adopting the new digital technology may be insufficient. The multidimensional digital effects provide impressive advantages in term of the business speed, the abundance of information, and the quality of the digital workforce. Digitalization is the radical change, change is never for its own sake, there is the emotional impact associated with it, from solving conflicts, soothing the pain, to the fulfillment, enchantment, and delight.

Dissatisfaction: There is always the fair reason for changes, such as dissatisfaction with status quo or not happy with the current situation. However, People are emotionally attached to those things being possessed. Change leads to psychological insecurity. Majority of people have fear to move out of the comfort zone. Therefore, people that make up the organization must see a compelling need to change from risky practices, obsolete ideas, or inefficient processes and do so proactively before issues materialize. People will feel more emotionally connected when they understand “What’s In It For Me.” The good moment to change is when the top senses the urgency and the bottom feels the pain, and change inertia is minimized through the common understanding of the necessity and imperatives of changes. Change is always easier if you have better insight and less fear of unknown risks. When digital leaders clarify the vision, share a really compelling story that the targets of the change can embrace and support, so they feel like participants rather than victims. Changes are best when they do not look like changes and there is the smooth transition of emotions.

Passion: The range of emerging digital technologies foster a deeper sense of digital connections and vision to changes. It could ignite latent worker passion and bring together disparate parts of the organization. Thus, it is important to build up a positive emotional environment, communicate relentlessly, inspire passionate employees, and foster collaborative business relationships. Passion following a positive chain of thoughts followed by good actions and behavior often bring great results and leapfrog the progress of digitalization. Digitalization changes the way we think, live, and work. Digital tools and platforms enable information and interaction flow in different directions, build up trust by bonding people around, and keep their energy flow up, there is energy there is still passion and potential.

Calm: There is the time to keep passion up, there is also the time to calm down and dispassionately analyze and make sound judgments in order to keep the right track of change and digitalization. Without the inner balance of energy, people cannot achieve a perfect balance of emotions and logic for either analyzing problems more objectively or solving them systematically. With calm, the cool-headed digital leaders and professionals can make tough decisions, think the longer term, and make better choices, also keep their sensitivity intact. People with emotional excellence are objective, accountable, intellectual and thus, more progressive.

Persistence: Large change or digitalization is the thorny journey with many ups and downs, barriers or pitfalls on the way. Vision keeps you staying focus, passion charges up your energy; but it is persistence enables you to overcome many obstacles, failover and fail forward. Digital leaders or professionals need to be equipped with the grit mind which involves raw endurance, persistence, and perseverance, to help you focus on purpose, goals, and outcome. Some people can have enough grit for a long time; others can only do it in bursts. No one learns the value of persistence unless there is an opportunity for persistence to pay off. When facing difficulty, a persistent mind is able to handle adverse circumstances and negative feedback, be more resilient, stay focused, bounce back and transform it into a rock solid character. Digital leaders with persistence can lead to the long journey of digitalization solidly.

Delight: At the highest level of digital maturity, it is about achieving customer delight or developing a delightful workforce. The fundamental challenge in transforming organizations towards valuing customer delight and joy in work over personal influence on a given silo is both cultural and political. In practice, creating positive change or building a delightful working environment is a joint effort and co-responsibility of management and employees. Working in a delightful environment means less silo, less internal politics, or unnecessary pain, people have better opportunities to be who they are, and who they want to be. It needs to involve the entire team at all levels, exhibit positive thinking and proper behaviors at all times.

Digitalization is a journey full of uncertainty. The emotion behind the change is the catalyzer - to make our “visions” reality. Change isn't always in our control, but it is amazing how much control we have in adapting to it. To effectively respond to the digital dynamics, companies must begin thinking about ways with strategic planning to broaden their ecosystems and revenue streams while becoming more responsive and scalable. So, manage emotion cycle behind the change and manage the gain and pain effectively.


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