Friday, June 8, 2018

The “Magic Formula” to Achieve Digital Cohesion

Focus x Competence x Passion = Cohesion (ability to consistently execute)

The very characteristics of digitalization are hyper-connectivity, hyper-complexity, and interdependence; with the exponential growth of information and fast-paced of changes. Digital makes an impact on the speed to run the business, the empathy for their people, the prioritization skills to get important things done, and the orchestration of their capability in high mature digital organizations. Every organization needs to explore their own way to get digital ready. But businesses can also learn from others’ failure, as well as summarize what they experiment, and develop the best and next practice, and improve their ability to consistently execute and make a digital paradigm shift seamlessly.

Focus: There are always some constraints for businesses to balance a healthy portfolio of “run, grow, and transform.” Thus, it is really important to set the right priority to solve the problems making the most impact on strategy, focus on a few initiatives and priorities them well. With overwhelming growth of information and continuous digital disruptions, today’s companies are so easy to get distracted, very often say yes to all the initiatives, with the consequence of getting lost or lack of focus, this is then spread through the organization and people no longer know where the priorities are. Translating strategy into operational readiness is a hard skill and is typically a medium to long-term goal with a number of dependent tasks. Prioritization is also a sort of “balance” skill, to know when to take the gas pedal to accelerate the speed and when to take the brake to control the risks. Staying focus and setting priority right is an important step in achieving business effectiveness and climbing the organizational maturity.

Competence: Business capability is the foundational block to implement the digital strategy. Thus, it is important to identify the business capability gaps and develop the target state capability for strategy management. There are many elements integrated into business competency that could be viewed as a valid preparatory first step in readiness for a strategic business opportunity when it is recognized. A core competency is a harmonization of multiple organizational capabilities underpinned by business processes, such that it permeates the entire organization with a focus. Digital management is fundamentally an iterative cycle to design, build, scale and optimize business competency and achieve the desired effect under specified performance standards and conditions through the combination of talent and resources, processes, and technologies to perform a set of activities and achieve the high-performance business result.

Passion: Passion enables determination, creativity, strategy, and talent. Passion aligned with focus, capabilities and meaningful work is a destination for both individuals and businesses. This is a critical component in that the members of your organization must have a passion for what they are doing. This requires a clearly defined and inspiring purpose, but it also requires extending that purpose into the 'real world' with a vision that everyone is on board with. Therefore, vision is crucial to sustaining passion. If a leader has a clear vision and is passionate about a certain goal, then, it has the potential to be contagious and spread throughout the team. Though passion should never take precedence over making the sound judgment. Following the passion also requires a good sense of judgment that you are on the right path to the vision you set. A passion following a good positive chain of thoughts followed by positive actions often brings good results and leapfrogs progress.

Organizations today must take the holistic digital management disciplines and practices to harness cross-functional communication and collaboration, increase business plasticity and flexibility. Is Focus x Competence x Passion = Cohesion (ability to consistently execute) the magic digital formula? The digital transformation is a long journey that requires laser focusing on the strategic goals you are pursuing, differentiated competency to lead forward and passion to inspire you achieving more. Building a roadmap with a clear set of timelines and milestones will lead the journey more effortlessly.


The concept of digital cohesion refers to the seamless integration of different digital technologies and platforms to create a unified user experience. To achieve digital cohesion, businesses and organizations need to adopt a strategic approach that focuses on aligning their digital initiatives with their overall business goals. I say you can check and get the best magic skills easily. This involves developing a clear understanding of customer needs and preferences, investing in the right technologies, and implementing effective data management practices.

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