Saturday, February 22, 2014

An Original Thinking Mind

Be original, the world worships the original. -Ingrid Bergman.

The word, Original, comes from 'origin.' What we probably mean when we say original thinker is to be the origin of our thoughts. In other words, make our own mind up, or formulate our own conclusions, or ideas, or expressions. Original thinking is independent, creative, original, special or different. This world needs more of an original thinker than ever to handle the ever-increasing complexities, and organizations need to be able to recognize them not least in order to innovate and adapt, to de-mystify creativity in a way that makes it seem approachable, understandable, and generally applicable

Originality is valuable as authenticity. It is not easy to recognize "original thinker," and it becomes more difficult as most of the modern people are too busy to even think and observe. Original thinking is a tough job and recognizes original thinking is equally tough if not less. The points like motivation, characteristics, personality, and confidence can be an indicator of original thinking. It can be done if someone remains conscious, alert and has the inclination to search excellence. Originality is valuable as authenticity. Be true to one's own personality, spirit, or character. Consider authenticity to be a positive outcome of enlightened and informed motivation rather than a negative outcome of the rejection of the expectations of others. Have the courage to use your own intelligence! It is, therefore, the motto of the enlightenment.

Who are the original thinkers? Those come up with conclusions and solutions for problems with their own unique brain processes. Nearly all thoughts, come from some sort of internal or external stimulus, thus, the seeds of original thinking may come from the unoriginal input, but it’s such dot-connecting capability to synthesize the unoriginal input into unique output, which makes one an original thinker. What might be the traits, dispositions, and motivational orientations that help us to be original in our thinking? It is like seeking. the treasures. The rules are: To every question is more than one answer. To every answer is a plausible other question you don’t know. You only know what you already know, but the next moment is open to all answers and questions you do not know yet. That means, with an open mind, the creation can enter consciousness. The creation bears its own signature of truth which is communicated in time from mind flow. This could be called intuition, but in fact, it is a state of not knowing and open to whatever.

Meta-cognition: Understanding how we think is the first stage of understanding our creative style - how we approach and solve problems and embrace opportunities. It is the process of being open to wonder, It is like setting time aside to allow an idea or a problem to incubate. It is in combination with immediate learning give way to advancing insight. It is also in combination with conscious awareness: Creativity -The art of and in the conscious proceeding

Is original thinking sort of integrative thinking— a heuristic process, not an algorithm. The integrative thinker develops a stance that embraces not fears the essential qualities of enigmatic choices. The integrative thinker is a relentless learner who seeks to develop the repertoire of skills that enables him or her to engage the tensions between opposites long enough to transcend duality and seek out novel solutions. Integrative thinkers understand that they are engaged in a creative process that avoids easy, pat, or formulaic answers. In short, integrative thinking is the management style we need if we are to solve the enigmatic problems that face our organizations in the new millennium. American psychologist cognitive learning ...ideas are based on categorization: "To perceive is to categorize, to conceptualize is to categorize, to learn is to form categories, to make decisions is to categorize." ( Jerome Bruner)...similarities and differences, narrative mode and the paradigmatic mode, ...sequential, action-oriented, detail-driven thought...paradigmatic thinking, the mind transcends particularities to achieve systematic, categorical cognition.

PEARIAQ: Recognize Originality by Quality, Authenticity, Integrity, and Appropriateness for Purpose of the thought or Effectiveness...[PEARIAQ]. Hear it, see it, and understand it...and you will appreciate it! A person can recognize original thinking if he or she has ever tried to be original. The people who have copied throughout the life may not recognize originality. The people who have always followed instructions from seniors may not understand originality. The real goal of original thinking is for Effective Thinking and Problem-Solving
Identify the problem. — "What’s the real question?"
Define the context. — "What are the facts and circumstances?"
Enumerate choices. — "What are our most plausible three or four options?"
Analyze options. — "What is our best course of action?"
List reasons explicitly. — "Let’s be clear: Why this choice?"
Self-correct. — "What did we miss?"

The Purpose is to enforce the Culture of Innovation from Management Perspective: Do you think that original thinking might have something to do with self -belief? And the courage to be original, wondering if real originality needs a driver, such as desire on the one hand, or adversity, on the other, to provide a motive force to see new connections, see the new paradigm, see the limitations of the orthodox...or if the conditions that produce such drives also produce a context in which the new view has value and utility – and is therefore recorded and disseminated? Perhaps we all have original thoughts every day, like random mutations in genes, but they melt away, ‘repaired’ by some self-censored process so that you don’t appear ‘different’ from the peer-group. Perhaps you need a stressor to provoke a meaningful response. As a team, the purpose of the collective mind with different thinking is to enforce the culture of innovation. 

The business and the world need original thinking, original ideas, and original inventions. And change towards a culture of creativity and innovation must begin at the individual level, Only individuals understand and develop their own creativity, they start to respect the opinions of one another far more, develop creative units, teams, groups...and society. 


Wow Just wow. Hello Pearl, I think of myself as a creative thinker. Hey, not saying that everything I think of is very important. But, none the less, I have thoughts of a wide spectrum of subjects.
I am not very traditionally educated. Just a GED and a well used library card. But, I believe that there is a place for people like me. And, I think your writings express and reinforce (to me anyway), among other things, the need for different types of thinkers in our world.

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