Friday, October 2, 2015

Digital Master Chapter III Introduction: Digital Strategy

The strategy is about living a holistic, integrative and transdisciplinary perspective.

A digital strategy is cross-functional effort and multidisciplinary, multidimensional planning; it brings up new functions, roles, and responsibilities, collaboration, demand for intuition and emergence, complementarities, philosophy, neutron sciences, and trans-disciplinary businesses. But these are not new per se. The frameworks of thoughts, consciousness and maturity assessments apply to strategy, then, now and in the future.

Compared to traditional strategy, the digital strategy needs to add certain special ingredients, as strategic design differentiates one company’s products or services from the competition and increases competitive uniqueness. In this chapter, we introduce seven crucial ingredients in digital strategy.

Digital strategy is about big picture–shared value collaboration. That is where the game is moving in the digital era with the new characteristics such as convergence, ambiguity, complexity, and interdependency, etc. Besides seven special component, the digital strategy also embraces the unique styles so the organizations can be more adaptable and dynamic upon such digital transformation.


1. Digital strategy is like a GPS to navigate through your digitalization journey.

2. The strategy is about putting a great team together to give you a multifaceted picture zooming into the business’s future.

3. Digital age of business and world shall move up from apathy to sympathy, to empathy.

4. IT is a holistic “digital brain” of the organization.

5. The strategy is for making progress, and progress is in simplicity.

6. Strategic Thinking = Vision (Insightful/directional/temporal) + System thinking (holistic/broad/synthetic) + Creativity (reframing/imaginable/nonlinear).

7. Strategic agility means that strategy planning becomes a “living process.”

8. The capability-based strategy is to well bridge “as-is” and “to-be” state.Being customer-centric is a transcendent digital trait and core of corporate strategy in today’s digital organizations.

9. Digital makes a profound impact from specific functions to business as a whole.

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