Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Top Traits of Leadership

Leadership is all about Future!

Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. The practice of leadership also differs from individual to individual based on their character, temperament, thinking processes, or behavioral style, gifting or talent and, of course, their personality. All of these variations present us with a rich but inconsistent variety of leadership ranging from the highly successful to the sometimes quite incompetent. So what are the top traits of highly effective leadership?

Ability to Inspire - Encourage the team to take risks and try that has not been tried before. A great leader empowers others. Instead of saying 'go,' he/she says 'let's go.' Besides the five senses, he/she needs to have the common sense to make decisions in the most appropriate manner according to the suitability of the situation.

Be authentic to be true to oneself and to the world at all times -To have the ability to know that nobody is perfect but can live a dream perfectly. To constantly unlearn and fight against conditioning and to respond creatively and uniquely at all times.

Be courageous to take risks -Creative leadership is the unique combination of leadership behaviors that develops and achieves high-quality results over a sustained period of time and risk tolerance.

Positive personal drive - this is the single biggest motivation for the rest of the team and it inspires better than anything else. have conviction and drive to pursue their goal irrespective of circumstances. If these qualities are strong enough, that inspires others to follow them.

Empathy is one of the most important attributes of being a great leader -have the ability think as if you were in the other party's position. Sometimes this attribute can get lost when hard decisions must be made, or conflict arises.

Being ethical is very important attribute a leader should have - If you’re not ethical, having good ideas, taking action, being a change agent will not matter to the teams you attempt to lead.

Character defines who we are -It encapsulates the attributes that we seek to embrace in ourselves and others. In the truest sense, it's what draws or attracts us to each other, more so than the likeness of seeing, being and thinking, during times of calamity and chaos; one's "true" character is exposed or discovered, even in the face of self-preservation! Contrary to conventional wisdom; adversity does not build character...it reveals character!

Transparency is a fundamental attribute that a leader should have -Telling your team exactly what you think of them, will not only garner the trust but also strengthen your leadership as people begin to trust you as a person and thus will respect you more as a leader.

Contextual intelligence - anyone can find themselves leading effectively if they find themselves in the right place, surrounded by the right people, at the right time and they recognize this and seize the opportunity.

Adaptability -In fact that characteristic makes someone better at almost anything in an ever changing environment. This doesn't mean changing things for fun or impulse but assessing an environment and adjusting to it (person, thing, event, etc.)

The top leadership traits are not limited to truthfulness, sincerity, generosity, flexibility, diligence, dependability, wisdom, enthusiasm, resourcefulness, initiative, decisiveness, loyalty, justice, listening, empathy, attitude, drive, risk taking, solutions (Problem solving), humbleness, integrity, perseverance, & many more.


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