Thursday, October 1, 2015

Three Things Great Leaders Fight For

The great leaders are the relentless change agent to fight for fairness, progress and greatness.

Leadership is all about change, and leadership is all about future! Natural leaders are those who carry themselves with an air of confidence, vision, direction, and with the right dose of anger and empathy to fight for the better world. It is the level of consciousness of the leader, or the level of self-development in regards to the ability to embody the human experience, inspire both self and others, influence the surrounding positively, and innovate both hard things such as products/services, and soft things such as communication or culture, to make the world a better place. Fundamentally, there are three things great leaders fight for:

Fairness: Fairness is a concept with two characteristics to be judged by each individual for her/himself to be fair or unfair towards others. The very thought of unfairness comes into our mind when we face some sorts of challenges. We as most intelligent being on this planet must acquire the ability to contribute in a positive way in unfavorable circumstances. Life acts unfairly many times by rewarding someone else for our achievements; one’s reputation gets tarnished by rumors or gossiping; or the old rules from the outdated customs or cultures limit one’s life opportunity and choices; even worse, the man-made or natural disasters cause many damages to the innocent people. As a leader, if ever you have the power to do something about it, how shall you think systematically and set universal principles to understand this world with its nature colors, and treat others same by treating them differently. Leadership is the ability to influence the values, mindsets, decisions, and actions undertaken by others, for example by those leaders who are in a position by formal authority or those with personal authority. Relevant in organizations, groups, networks and so on. So the 'new' modern leaders with empathy can adapt and become a better and creative communicator, both touch the hearts and connect the mind, putting more emphasis on wisdom sharing, motivation, and involvement.

Progress: Progress represents change. Without change, one cannot even stagnate, she or he will be on a backward journey. Progress itself is a change, either by individual or group efforts or induced by environmental and cultural tangible and intangible forces. But sometimes progress is such a hard thing to assess. There are views that say every action has an equal reaction, and that for every action, there is a myriad of reactions, some good and some bad, we cannot know all the possible results. What is considered progress for one, is not progress for another, so sometimes progress cannot truly be considered "PROGRESS" for humans as a species unless it is helping a very large group. That is the great leadership for, based on the FAIRNESS principle above, to push the human world forward. In order to know this, it cannot be deduced through rational thought only, it has to leverage strategic thinking, systems thinking, and creative thinking to create and sustain a shared VISION, to trust your inner intuitive self too, a sense of wisdom and guidance from the higher mind. Progress, the evolution of humanity into a more unified, prosperous and peaceful society, is hindered by the concept of right and wrong. Right and wrong is a very crude and at times ineffective tool as it forces us into judgments, taking 'sides'. This is divisive. Rather, if we could come to some agreement on our collective purpose, our goal, our direction, then we can view our ideas from the perspective of accomplishing this goal, fulfilling this purpose.Very few people can do this. But great leaders can make true differences.

Greatness: Greatness is what you overcome. The difficult situations, challenges, problems, all those things that make you suffer lead your greatness if you could overcome and learn from them. True greatness contributes to self-confidence. If humility is involved, then greatness can be an incredible energy to share. The greatness has triple elements - the great ATTITUDE to be humble enough to learn; the great APTITUDE to understand things with profundity; and the great ALTITUDE to see the trees without missing the forest, with the great VISION to zoom into the future as if it were closer. As Colin defined that benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and trust of the five elements are the substance to achieve the level five leadership.

The great leader fights for the better world. The business is complex, the world is complex, and leadership is complex, the future of leaders have to deal with opposing views, cultures, constraints and competition. They need to be positive, energetic, creative, influential, with multi-dimensional intelligence to tolerate ambiguity and make effective decisions. They are the relentless change agent to fight for fairness, progress and greatness.


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