Sunday, October 11, 2015

Which Habit would you like to Target with a World-Changing-Act?

The world-changing act starts with mind shift.

With increasing speed of change and continuous digital disruption, from an organization as an entity to a human society as a whole are on the way to adapt to the rapid changes. Digital professionals today have to equip a growth mind to pursue autonomy, purpose, and mastery. They intend to make an impact in hyper-connected and borderless digital global community, but which habit you would like to target with a world-changing-act?

The world-changing act starts with mind shift: There are no big or small world-changing-acts, even the smallest world-changing-act could trigger an avalanche. It depends on which habit from thought process to actions; the world-changing thinking has to break down the silo, overcome the bias, unimaginative, limited, impoverished and stereotypical thinking that leads to the same old expected solutions, to embrace critical thinking and independent thinking, and the world-changing-act targets for progressive change, and long-term transformation in which mind shift is the prerequisite.

World-changing act should start from yourself: If other habits revolve around the targeted habit - the world-changing-act will need self-reflection, a greater emotional charge and/or be repeated more often. World-changing-acts need to be delivered together with a positive emotional charge. Without any conscious effort of ours to the contrary – even our bad moods will affect others like a contagious disease – and, maybe, even help the spread of the actual disease. This would be a positive world-changing-mood as an act in its own right, but we need to give it a form – act. And adding a bit of humour to the act could carry it much further than the plain act itself could.

World-change act should follow the logic steps to cultivate good habits: “A habit, from the standpoint of psychology, is a more or less fixed way of PERCEIVING, thinking, willing, or feeling acquired through previous repetition of a mental experience.There are three results of habit breaking exercise. The first one is the cumulative effect that sharpens our eyes to notice anomalies. It also gives an emotional charge to noticed anomalies – allowing for even dreams about noticed anomalies. The whole of the habitual pattern is disrupted – allowing for anomalies to be noticed. So, we can trap a thought, with a trap set for feeling, And thirdly, opens up nearby habits to scrutiny and more skilful designed traps.

Our “real” world is much more complex and much more ambiguous – allowing for much more targeted beliefs to be changed with much more world-changing-acts...We should do the best we can in whatever capacity that we responsible for. By setting the brain free, think positively and cultivate good habit to make an influence.


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