Saturday, May 7, 2016

Strengthen your Leadership Strength to Celebrate "Mother's Day"

The strength of leadership is to deepen leadership influence and improve leadership maturity.

Leadership is about future and change. Digital leaders are passionate people with high-potential, who can dream, and own that much strength and courage to fulfill their dreams, to be a leader. Though there are certain leadership traits can be developed, authentic leaders are not taught, they are self-made. Because it needs a strong will and cause to be a leader which can not be implanted in any body. It is self-generated. They themselves identify their ideal. They follow and adopt their traits of leadership, What makes the difference between "good" and "great" is how well an individual marches the leadership strength and unique style with the goals, and pairs the goals with the organization and our society. Leadership strength is different from leadership style. The strength is based on your innate capabilities to lead more profoundly, effectively, and specifically, not just the manner or fashion to increase your leadership charisma. Should leadership also follow 80/20 principle, 80% strength for enhancing leadership profundity + 20% style to make leadership more engaging and interesting? There are so many kinds of leadership, and we need them all. So which flavor is your leadership?

Visionary leadership: Leadership is forward-looking, to make influence and progress. The fundamental requirements of leadership are : design a compelling vision of future, determine the WHY of the journey you will take, be clear on the value that will keep you on the road, and have the courage and determination to go until reaching the destination. Leadership starts with having a vision, then develop a plan to achieve it. Top leaders are visionary roles, they set the direction for the enterprise (internal and/or external) to step into the uncharted water and move across the blurred digital boundaries, and they orchestrate the digital transformation of an organization, its people, from the organization's current position to a position that best serves the interests of its customers, shareholders, and people.

Thought leadership: Though nowadays, the business and world are running with digital speed, there are still many analog mindsets, silo processes, and bureaucratic systems around. At today’s “digital dynamic with increasing speed of changes and hyper-competition, being a thoughtful, mindful and multi-dimensional thinker is more crucial to improve leadership effectiveness and maturity. Authenticity is the foundation to be a Thought Leader. Digital leadership is less about "HOW," more about "WHY," and “WHAT.” Leadership brand is less about what you look - the stereotypical leadership, and more about what you think - Thought Leadership.

Change leadership: Leadership is all about changes. With the increasing speed of change, to be successful leaders, you must face and handle both Change leadership and Change Management. What’s your inspiration and motivation to lead changes? And how to manage it more effectively? Change leadership is about influencing people and culture, inspiring changes, and innovating the new way to do things, and change management is about guiding strategy, systems, and process. Change Management has a very wide scope and is a relatively new area of expertise. Change leaders are both change agent and change manager. 

Creative leadership: Creativity is the #1 skill in demand in the Digital Era. Hence, creative leaders have also emerged to lead digital transformation effortlessly. Creative leadership is the capacity to think and act beyond the boundaries that limit human potential. Open-mindedness is a significant characteristic of creative leadership. The leader views the whole picture and applies creativity in areas not explored yet. Creative leaders have multidimensional competencies to formulate creative, unconventional alternatives or solutions to resolve problems, to show versatility and flexibility in response to unpredictable or unanticipated circumstances.
Inquisitive Leadership: The future of leaders leads by questions. (Drucker) What keeps leaders successful is the intellectual curiosity and ability to continuously be inquisitive, open to learning and applying these learnings as they move forward. Their inquisitiveness makes them more open to asking the right questions, embrace the other point of view, be empathetic to understand others, practice leadership via wisdom, not just status quo.

The leader's role is in fostering a culture of open-mindedness, to unleash human potential. Leadership is like the guiding light, the more colors it manifests, the more significant its influence becomes. The strength of leadership can further strengthen leadership effectiveness and improve leadership maturity. The high-effective and high-mature leadership makes the human world move forward with faster speed.


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