Monday, May 30, 2016

The “CIO Master” Monthly Tunings: IT DIgital Transformation May. 2016

IT is the business.

Modern CIOs have many personas and face great challenges. It is not sufficient to only keep the light on. Regardless of which industry or the nature of organization you are in, being a digital leader will need to master the art of creating unique, the differentiating value from piles of commoditized technologies, but more specifically, what are the digital-savvy CIOs doing to run IT as a value creator and innovation engine? Here is the monthly tuning of IT Digital Transformation

        IT Digital Transformation Brief May 2016
  • Three IT Management Dilemmas Managing a highly effective IT is not an easy job, and improving IT maturity is even harder. IT leaders have to avoid a lot of pitfalls, overcome many change management roadblocks, and deal with quite a few of IT management dilemmas in transforming IT from a cost center to value creator, from a support function to a strategic business partner and innovation engine. Here are three IT management dilemmas. 

  • Running IT as a Digital Differentiator  IT is impacting every business unit and is becoming the driver of business change. However, many IT organizations still get stuck at the lower level of maturity to only “keep the lights on,” and IT is perceived as a support function and cost center in those organizations. With the increasing pace of changes and fierce competition, the forward-looking organizations empower their IT leaders to lead changes? How can IT build its reputation as a business value creator and how to run IT as a digital differentiator?

  • Running IT as Digital Capability Builder of the Organization: Forward-looking organizations are making a continuous journey shifting from an inside-out operation driven organization to an outside-in customer-centric business; to improve competency, they also shift from process-oriented practices to capability-based strategy management. IT plays a more important role in such a digital paradigm shift. The capability is the ability to achieve the desired effect under specified performance, standards and conditions through combinations of ways and means (activities and resources) to perform a set of activities. What are differentiated business capabilities can IT help to build for business to gain long term advantage?

  • How can Digital CIOs Run a Delightful IT with Zeal: At a contemporary business, technology is an enabler for business transformation, process optimization and talent empowerment. However, the majority of IT organizations are perceived as support centers with heavyweight hardware boxes and back office functions less delightful today. And IT leaders are often the transactional managers who can only speak technology jargons to keep the lights on, with less passion, but more heavy duty. With emergent lightweight digital technology trends, how can IT reinvent itself as a cool innovation center less wired, but more connected, less legacy infrastructure, but more powerful? How can digital IT leaders run a truly delightful IT with zeal and improve its agility and maturity?

  • Running IT as Digital Catalyzer: IT is on the big shift to transform from a cost center to a business value creator, from a help desk to a growth engine; IT should devote more attention to what organizations really care about - managing information to capture insight and foresight, putting technology to business advantage. However, there is the gap between the aspirations of what IT could do to the business versus what the current IT “mentality” and capability within the respective IT department is capable of providing and enabling. How can IT close communication and capability gaps, and what is the focal point to run IT as the digital catalyzer and improve its effectiveness, agility, and innovativeness?

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