Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Monthly Change Leadership Sum Up May 2016

 Fundamentally leadership is about change and influencing people to change.

Change is inevitable, but too often changes are made as a reaction to outer impulses, crisis, and demands. This is the bureaucracy’s way of meeting the challenges. The perspective is often rational, an automatic cultural response; defending already existing structures, all that we take for granted, without questioning the underlying premises. But in order to make change both proactive and sustainable, which is more important, Change Leadership or Change Management, What does change management actually deliver?

Is Leadership about Change? The world has changed significantly, and the speed of change is accelerating. Not only has it gotten flatter (globalization), but also it’s gotten hyper-connected (digitalization). This is where leadership must invoke great vision, good tactics and innovation comes into play. Leadership is about future, future is full of changes, is leadership all about change as well?

Five Aspect in Leading Change challenges: The speed of change is accelerated, organizations large or small spend significant time and resource to deal with the Big Changes such as radical digital transformation or small changes such as adopting a new software tool. However, statistically, more than 70% of change management effort fail to achieve the expected result, what are the critical elements in change management, and how to weave them more seamlessly to orchestrate a harmonized change symphony?

What does a Change Leaders/Managers actually Deliver? People change for a reason; they must have a reason to want to adopt the change. The question to be asked is why are you wanting the change? What do you expect to gain from adopting the change? That is where the change originator defines their deliverables and benefits, in real measurable, quantifiable terms. But what is “Change Management” and how can you define its value?  What does a change leaders/managers actually deliver?

Three Qualities of Change Leaders: Fundamentally leadership is about change and influencing people to change. Leadership is moving you and others, and evolving to what is needed next. The speed of change is accelerating, Change Leadership becomes a more critical capacity to influence others through inspiration, motivated by a passion, birthed by a conviction of a sense of purpose of why you were created. Leadership is all about the ability to take initiative and the ability to influence with or without authority. It is the power of example that frees people to do willingly and well that needs to be done. What are important qualities in change leadership?

Change Leadership & Change Management Go Hand-in-Hand: Change Management is about mentoring the human side of the business through profound, unsettling change. Change Management has a very wide scope and is a relatively new area of expertise. From a management perspective, First, distinguish between change management and change leadership: the former is being about guiding strategy, systems, and process while the latter is about influencing people and culture. To be successful leaders, you must face and handle both. they are both important to make a change not a one-time project, but an ongoing business capability.

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