Thursday, May 26, 2016

Three Questions to Assess a Person’s Success

The most successful people are driven by an unfathomable passion for their craft, differentiated by unique capabilities and uncommon experiences - fortunate or unfortunate.

Like the most things in this world, success is a relative term, there is no absolute definition of it, as well as no “one size fits all” formula to achieve it. Generally speaking, success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. Success comes from believing in what you are doing and making a positive impact, feeling fulfilled, getting rewarded, and contribution to others as well. Should you measure success more via the journey one seeks personal fulfillment and self-satisfaction at a work well done or a measure of economic self-sufficiency at all cost? Is success more personal or based on conventional wisdom? Which questions should you ask to assess a person’s success?

Which traits are more crucial to make some people more successful than others? In a positive environment with a healthy culture and professional competition, successful people are often more positive, confidence, persistent, disciplined, healthy and open minded, with clearer vision, having the problem-solving expertise, capability, and knowledge supporting proactive decision making and dedication to a goal, mission, and performance tracking. Being successful is feeling well with yourself via innate feeling. Success is built on the true belief in what you are trying to accomplish. Strength in follow through and confidence in one's team. Successful people have goals they believe they can achieve and don't let themselves become discouraged. They keep their attention on the goal and take cohesive actions that are in alignment with the goal. They stay focused which is unshakeable! The most successful people are driven by an unfathomable passion for their craft, differentiated by unique capabilities and uncommon experiences - fortunate or unfortunate.

Success and failure are two sides of the coin, which lessons can you learn? Success is sweet, make you touch the height of the life; and failure is bitter, let you experience the depth of the life. They are different scenes in the life journey. You will hit many bumps in the road to pursue success, and you cannot be discouraged. There will be people who try to put you down, but you have to block the negativity unless they are actually giving constructive criticism. Success is being focused in pursuance of your set goals and taking a setback as lessons learned to redirect your path, learning from your failures as well as other people’s failures. If you never experience failure, success can become the pitfalls to make you lose gravity or present the shallow understanding of human nature; people will become wiser and more mature after being through both stages. True success means one is able to see the seed of failure in every success and within every success the possibility of failure. The wise people know that every smile face in front of you could mean many cold arrows behind you. It means that one must always be humble enough to know that failure is always an option and on the way!

Is success more as a journey or as a destination?  Success starts with one's philosophies as from our philosophies our attitudes are born, and from those attitudes, actions follow. What you do daily will determine what you become permanently; success is more as a journey with a compelling vision, determining the WHY of the journey you will take to make it meaningful, be clear on the values that will keep you on the road, have the courage and determination to get on the way, success is an adventurous journey. Therefore ! if you need to have a life plan and the disciplines to stay on track, you will achieve whatever SUCCESS means to you. From the business perspective, maximum business success is usually a mixture of innovation, timing, and market applicability. Make the right product at the right time to the largest market segment. Success is staying on the track, being focused and solving problems that hinder economic growth.

There is no magic formula to be successful - there are so many variables. Besides, it changes with time. It also depends on the organizational and societal culture. In a healthy and positive environment, success is achieved via vision, competency, you must have certain qualities such as positive mindset, perseverance, a hard work ethic, and a good attitude. It's a mixture of character, vision, capabilities, and relationships. No one thing brings success. Successful people understand, that success story is full of win-lose stages. Success is a state of mind and a journey.


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