Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving with “MINDFULNESS” via Dot-Connections

Share insight and be mindful to celebrate Thanksgiving holiday season.

It’s another Thanksgiving Day approaching, it’s not just the time for shopping or relaxing, but also the time to recharging and doing some introspection. It is not just the time to gain a few pounds, but also doing more PONDERING. In the other word, happy Thanksgiving with mindfulness. Although you can’t control every event of your life journey, but via the power of digital mind-crafting, you can adapt to the change and cultivate the new sets of mind. Indeed, mindset is far more important than talent. Talent can always be developed by those with an open and right mindset. In the book of “ Thinkingaire,” we introduce the 100 game-changing digital mind-sets, here we sum up a set of mind with holiday themes:
Self-Awareness Mind: Know Thyself -Holiday season is the right time to take a pause and do some self reflection to understanding self better. We are all on the journey to self-awareness; some simply have a greater recognition of being on that road. There are different kinds of leaders and thus different forms of leadership. The one constant is the need to begin by leading oneself.

An Understanding Mind with Three Levels of Understanding: With today’s digital new normal - velocity, complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity, in-depth understanding of either problem you intend to solve or the people you try to get knowing have become an important quality for digital leaders and professionals. Because often misunderstanding or poor judgment is the root cause to tie the knots in people’s hearts and build the wall in their minds. Lack of understanding leads to “fixing the symptom, not the root cause” syndrome, and could be the very reason on how the “Mighty Fall.” Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are interrelated terms: Which level of understanding do you have when facing challenges, building relationships, or practicing leadership disciplines?

An Inquisitive Mind The world is transforming from personal computing into digital computing, from globalization into globality, from knowledge limitation to information abundance, the answer about yesterday is not as critical as the questions about the future. How to ask the right questions is not only just the raw intelligence to reflect human’s intellectual curiosity, it becomes the new skills need to be sharpened and focused on, to frame and co-solve the common problems and co-create the better world. So how to assess a person’s inquisitiveness and the wisdom of questioning?

Vision vs. Insight As businesses and the world move deeper and deeper into the digital world of VUCA -volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, one of the most desired traits for leaders is VISION, because leadership is all about direction, it shows people where to go; and the other equally important leadership trait is INSIGHT, because it brings up the big WHY - why do you go where you are going and how to get there. So more specifically, what are apple to apple comparisons between vision vs. insight?  

Sympathy vs. Empathy: Once again, it is the holiday season, it is not just the time to spoil your appetite, but also the moment to open your mind, and connect more dots to discover the new meaning of holidays - Are you sympathetic to give more to others, or are you empathetic to understand better of the world? Are you compassionate about many man-made disasters; or are you passionate to overcome the challenges facing human society? sharing food is sympathy; sharing insight is empathy. What’s the further dot-connection between sympathy and empathy?

Thanksgiving is symbol of harvest, the spirit of giving, the celebration of hard work and the abundance of life. - so happy Thanksgiving with mindfulness.


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