Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The New Book “IT Innovation” Quote Collection II

It takes innovative leadership to re-imagine IT and it takes a structural approach to reinventing IT for the digital age.

The purpose of  new book “IT innovation - Reinvent IT for the Digital Age” is to help businesses and IT leaders and digital professionals ride above the learning curve, reinvent IT as an innovation hub and game changer; reimagine IT as an innovation outlier; renovate a hybrid IT and digital organization; fine-tune IT as the digital whole brain of the organization; accelerate IT on the fast lane, rebuild IT as the business capability multiplier; empower IT as a digital change agent; and leverage the “alphabetic elements” to run a highly innovative IT organization for the digital age. Here is a set of quotes in the book of "IT Innovation":

39 A fast and highly responsive IT means a lot of things for the digital transformation: Speed, innovation, agility, integration, modernization, intelligence, value creation, and maturity, etc.
40 It’s not a matter of being reactive or responsive. It is not a matter of being fear or brave. It is a matter to add value to the business or not.
41 Running steadfast digital IT means that IT has to not only improve its own efficiency and speed, but also the overall organizational agility and maturity.
42 The role of IT today for many organizations is a business solutionary for information, automation, and innovation.
43 Setting priorities to leverage limited resources and talent for maximizing business value is an important step in climbing the organizational maturity.
44 Enterprise leaders are increasingly looking to the IT function to introduce beneficial change into their business models and unleash its digital potential.
45 Either big leap or double jumps, IT is an accelerator for speeding up the digital transformation of the business.
46 The low maturity of IT with these bad syndromes is often caused by misunderstanding, short-sightedness, and “change inertia.”
47 A frictionless IT organization catalyzes information flow, cultivates cross-functional communication, and accelerates business mobility.
48 A highly capable IT organization is a business capability multiplier.
49 Defining your enterprise business capability is part art and part science.
50 The business capability coherence is the decisive factor for the success of strategy implementation.
51 The enterprise consists of a set of capabilities.
52 Innovation becomes simply “creating value by solving problems in a new way.”
53 Being innovative is more important than any specific innovation.
54 It takes innovative leadership to re-imagine IT and it takes a structural approach to reinventing IT for the digital age.
55 IT is not just the sum of services or processes, but an enabler of business capabilities.
56 The value of information management is never for its own sake, but to provide insight and leap innovation.
57 Running a “future-proof” IT organization is really about being strategic, capable, innovative, differentiated, accelerated, and learning agile.

58 The versatile IT can only be run by versatile IT leaders and talented IT professionals.

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