Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Monthly “CIO Master” Book Tuning: Running a Digital Ready IT Apr. 2017

Digital IT needs to put more emphasis on the synthetic “Why,” and “What for,” and doing more with innovation.

Organizations large or small are on the journey to digital transformation, it is not an overnight phenomenon, but a well-planning strategy with the step-wise approach. IT plays a pivotal role in such a transformation, but how to run a high effective IT to get digital ready?

Running a Digital Ready IT

How to Set Right Priorities for IT Digital transformation? With increasing speed of changes and overwhelming growth of information, IT can no longer keep static to run as a support function only. Today's IT plays a more crucial role in discovering a path to strategy building, implementation, and innovation. Business/IT leaders should also realize the breakthrough success in digital businesses requires not only forward-thinking strategies but also having a step-wise approach. But more specifically, how to set the right priorities for making a digital transformation of the company?

The Scalability, Speed, and Significance of Digital IT Many forward-thinking organizations are at the inflection point of the digital transformation. Any successful transformation starts and ends with a clear vision of what the transformed organization should be. They are shifting from “Doing digital” with a few isolated business or IT initiatives to “Going Digital and Being Digital” with a holistic approach to expanding to all important dimensions - and put the emphasis on Scalability, Speed, and Significance of digital IT.

IT Digital Transformation: Three Practices from Here to There? Organizations are moving from here (doing digital via experimenting some digital technologies) to there (Going digital via expanding to all dimensions for a holistic digital transformation). Digital becomes the very fabric of high performing business, organizations have to create synergy via building a positive culture, achieving operational excellence, becoming customer-centric, and doing more with innovation. To stay competitive, companies must go beyond experimenting with digital and commit to transforming themselves into a fully digital business powerhouse. But more specifically, how to develop the best/next practices moving you from here to there?

Make a Leap of IT Digital Transformation via Healthy Debating Due to the exponential growth of information and disruptive nature of digital technologies, IT is at the crossroad: Should IT continue to be run as an “isolated function,” just keep the lights on, and gradually become irrelevant? Or should IT reinvent itself to become the change agent of the business? It is the time to reimagine IT via inspiring critical and creative thinking and spurring healthy debating. Because debating is a type of critical thinking activity. Critical thinking is a basic form of organized thought specifically used to frame the right questions, identify the real problems, and discover better ways to do things.

Running a Synthesizing Digital IT Organization: Due to the exponential growth of information and IT consumerization trend, IT organization continues to grow in importance to organizations, both operationally and as a competitive advantage. Forward-looking IT organizations also shift from a technology driven back office function to become the information-oriented digital brain yard of their company. They have to do analysis and synthesis all the time for improving business efficiency and effectiveness. If analysis is the procedure to break down an intellectual or substantial whole into parts or components (loosen, untie, set apart), and then synthesis is the opposite procedure to combine separate elements or components in order to form a coherent whole (put together, combine, integrate). Traditional IT organizations often focus on analytical and technical “ Know How” - fixing the broken pieces; and then digital IT needs to put more emphasis on the synthetic “Why,” and “What for,” to dig through the root cause of problems, think about the end-to-end solutions, doing more for integration, innovation, and making continuous improvement to ensure the organization as a whole is superior to the sum of pieces.

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