Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Multifaceted Creativity

Creativity converges with the concept of innovation that is the management discipline to transform innate ideas and achieve its business value.

Creativity is the most needed skill in the 21st century because digital is the era of innovation. Creativity is both innate and a skill. Developing creativity requires both internal motivation and self-awareness. Being original and being yourself is the first step, breaking down the convention thinking box, and practicing out-of-the-box thinking is one of the mental activities to stimulate creativity as well. Here is the further understanding about the multifaceted creativity.

Creativity is all about change: To be creative, you must do something different. To be creative, to re-frame, first, you need to embrace the unknown (think outside the box). Second, you need to challenge the known (probe the paradoxes). Many people always live with conventional wisdom - the box they are familiar with. But being creative requires you to break down the outdated rules or concept, or the little box which restricts your thinking. Fundamentally, the "box" is the set of "rules" you are abiding by at any moment in time. There are likely multiple "boxes" that you try to stay within. Working within multiple sets would create an "intersection of sets." The complexity of life comes from the myriad of intersecting boxes you try to live within. Fundamentally creativity is about changes, to pursue progress or discover a better way to do things. Thinking outside the box is all about "rule breaking"; the more "unruly" you are, the more creative you become. After breaking the outdated rules, you are "outside the box." Or more precisely, creating a new box that could be used for thinking inside the new box, but out of the old box (for one or more class of problems). You step out of your logical thinking minds to create something new; or more often, you blend different types of thinking processes to see things differently, to stimulate creativity, and reach the “Aha” moment, like the switch is on to turn on the light bulb.

Creativity is a process: Creativity is a thinking activity. Most creativity theories, see creativity as a process through which the individual finds a relationship with the environment. The reason creativity is serendipitous because it is the nonlinear multidimensional thought processes, and it evolves conscious, subconscious, and even superconscious brain activities. There are interdisciplinary approaches to articulate creativity: For psychoanalysis, this is a neurotic function; for humanistic psychology, it is a sign of health. Creativity needs a balance of divergent and convergent thinking, the latter isn't valued enough. Creativity encounter with, and merging of divergent information. Without divergent thinking, perhaps your box is just not big enough to connect all important dots. With this wide divergence, the only seemingly obvious conclusion is that the substance and source of creativity still elude discovery. Creativity is a talent and learning activities which help to shape up creative ideas; creative process fusion. Creativity process could be sophisticated, but creativity is never for making things complicated, the opposite is actually true, creativity is to advance, but also simplify things. When pioneering and solving problems, initial solutions are often more complex than required, and then adoption and progress come with simplification and intuitiveness. Progress is in simplification, which often follows complexity. We are able to see creativity's effects, feel its inspiration, and use it in a myriad of ways.

Being creative is about how to solve a problem in an intelligent manner: So, every person has the ability to be creative, just tearing down the mental barriers they have and tapping in their inherent abilities. There are times when we feel driven by forces that we don't understand, creativity is just like the fountain flow from the within. The ideas come and go and, above all, we must instead leave them free, do not be afraid to say what we think or make a fool, do not let that stop, be fooled if we must. But ultimately, creativity needs a problem to solve, and creative people need a purpose. To nurture creativity, it is important to get out of the "fear" that blocks our own genius, learn how to liberate the imagination and come up with a new approach to the world. Therefore, it is important to create conditions so that the creative potential can manifest and being creative is about how to solve problems in a fresh way and an intelligent manner.

Digital is the age of innovation. Organizations starve for creativity. Creativity converges with the concept of innovation that is the management discipline to transform innate ideas and achieve its business value. Creativity has many forms and manifestations. By manifesting creativity from an individual endeavor to a team activity and a collective effort, the horizon of creativity is expanded and the collective creative potential can be unleashed to solve complex problems or overcome the common human challenges.


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