Thursday, April 27, 2017

The New Book “Digital IT - 100 Q&As” Quote Collection V

A high-mature digital organization is shifting from “pushing” stuff to the digital channel into “pulling” resources up for problem-solving.

The purpose of “Digital IT-100 Q&As “ is to summarize 100+ classic and emergent digital debates about digital IT leadership and management, brainstorm how to run a holistic digital business from multidimensional lens, share digital holism and strategic insight, keep IT digital fit, deal with both IT management dilemmas and innovation paradoxes effortlessly, guide today’s digital leaders and professionals to learn the valuable lessons across industrial and geographical boundaries, develop the best and next digital practices to tailor their needs, set the right priorities to achieve high performance, and build a solid digital brand, with the goal to accelerate digital transformation.

101 The “Art of Possible” can only be achieved through visionary IT leadership, as well as the art and science of modern IT management.
102 Communication, collaboration, and creativity are the keys to run IT as a better business partner.
103 The best way to promote IT is to communicate proactively with critical thinking and creative thinking.
104 High-mature IT has a high trustful business-IT relationship, it is highly responsive to changes and proactively manages innovation.
105 The best or next digital talent management practices should encourage innovation, inspire learning, take a structural approach to make the digital transformation.
106 Hire mindset and capabilities, train for specific skills.
107 Don’t be afraid to look above, below, and outside of the talent pools that you see, to explore the alternative digital talent pipeline.
108 The nonlinear capabilities and unique competency-based on the cohesive set of capabilities will give the digital professionals the advantage to compete for the future.
109 Digital business becomes always on, borderless, more hyper-connected, and interdependent than ever.
110 Figuring out what employees are not saying might be the start point to greater retention and a more engaged workforce.
111 The business leaders must work with the right mindset to create an inclusive organization with every dip in the business life cycle.
112 Workforce performance improvement must take the long-term view and require a core DNA transplant.
113 The effective vehicles for retaining the top talent are effective leadership, agile mindset, the culture of learning, robust processes, and cool technology tools.
114 A high-mature digital organization is shifting from “pushing” stuff to the digital channel into “pulling” resources up for problem-solving.
115 You should always leverage performance and potential, look at the overall success of the company for the long run.


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