Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Monthly “Thinkingaire” Book Tuning: The Digital Leadership Mindsets 2017

Leadership is the state of the mind.

With the increasing speed of change in the hyperconnected digital ecosystem, some industrial mindsets with “status quo” types of thinking, authoritarian attitude, and bureaucratic decision-make, are outdated, turn to be a "dragger" of the business innovation and a laggard of the digital paradigm shift. But how to identify the authentic digital leaders who can bridge the perception gaps, and how to select the right people with the RIGHT MINDSET, capabilities, and skills to the right position for leading forward and accelerating digital transformation?

The Digital Leadership Mindsets

Leadership is a Mindset Leadership is about CHANGE. It is a basic human ability to inspire self and others to look beyond limitations and make continuous improvement. This ability becomes a capability if we constantly nurture our basic human instincts of HUMILITY, CURIOSITY, and CREATIVITY. Fundamentally, is leadership an action or a mindset? Is it more about today or the future?  What are you and your organization doing to learn and improve leadership capabilities?  

A Balanced Mind with Emotional Brilliance? We have come to this lovely beautiful planet, Being a human being is great. We can imagine, we can create and we can appreciate many things. We have so many faculties. It is a rainbow, full of colors and fragrances. However, the world is far away from perfect, and most of the problems are caused by miscommunication, poor decision making, or dig deeper, the unbalanced mindsets lack of Emotional Intelligence. So what’s Emotional Intelligence, and how to cultivate a balanced mind with emotional brilliance?

A Maturity Mind What is maturity basically? Is it a perception depending on our understanding? Or is there any scientific attribute which decides maturity level? Is it possible to develop maturity? Will it come automatically through the experience and people or is it gained over a period of time? Is it always true when you get older, you get more mature? How to decide a person's maturity level? It is subjective or is there any objective standard?.

An Intellectual Mind Intellectual as an ADJECTIVE is about “possessing or showing intellect or mental capacity, especially to a high degree: or characterized by or suggesting a predominance of intellect.” Intellectual as a NOUN describes “a person who places a high value on or pursues things of interest to the intellect or the more complex forms and fields of knowledge, as aesthetic or philosophical matters, especially on an abstract and general level.” ( But is it the concept of intellectualism so subjective that it depends solely on the individual placing the label? Is there some universal set of rules that makes someone an intellectual?  What does it mean to be an intellectual? Is it the knowledge you possess? Is it the vocabulary that a person uses to hold a discussion? Is it the level of education the person has attained? Is it the ability to create ideas that surpass one’s consciousness?  What is an intellectual? Are you an intellectual or are you equipped with an intellectual mind

A Discerning Mind? Discernment means the ability to judge well. Many times people make a poor judgment, not because of ignorance, but because of the lack of insight and discernment. More specifically, what's the difference between judgment and discernment? Can judgment or being judgmental have a right or wrong or moral aspect to it? Do you think discernment frees us from any fear of being wrong? Is discernment more detached, more creative, or free

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