Monday, April 24, 2017

The New Book “Digital IT - 100 Q&As” Quote Collection II

IT leadership needs to shift their management orientation and begin thinking like entrepreneurs.

The purpose of “Digital IT-100 Q&As “ is to summarize 100+ classic and emergent digital debates about digital IT leadership and management, brainstorm how to run a holistic digital business from multidimensional lens, share digital holism and strategic insight, keep IT digital fit, deal with both IT management dilemmas and innovation paradoxes effortlessly, guide today’s digital leaders and professionals to learn the valuable lessons across industrial and geographical boundaries, develop the best and next digital practices to tailor their needs, set the right priorities to achieve high performance, and build a solid digital brand, with the goal to accelerate digital transformation.

39 Running, growth and transformation are all important stages for the business’s survival and thriving.
40 IT value proposition is multi-layered, multi-dimensional, and situation-driven.
41 IT leaders need to get both sides of IT right and communicate the value and potential of their organization.
42 IT and businesses should share the blame and glory by working as a whole.
43 Diagnose the current problems holistically, recognize quick win and long term optimization.
44 If IT wants to contribute to the business at high maturity level, IT must “lead.”
45 The payoff of IT digital transformation is not just for the quick win, but to build the long-term business competency.
46 IT leadership needs to shift their management orientation and begin thinking like entrepreneurs.
47 Bringing IT as an enabler or revenue growth engine creates more interesting conversations around the business.
48 Communication, collaboration, and creativity are the keys to run IT as a better business partner.
49 Compelling business cases describe the initiative’s benefits and costs flow.
50 It is IT and non-IT working together as partners that will derive the most appropriate strategy and deployment.
51 The future-driven IT organizations step out of the traditional IT box, to understand the business and customers better via longer time frame.
52 Digital IT should do profitable things for the organization, otherwise, it can’t do.
53 IT is the business’s competitive differentiator to customer acquisition and retention.
54 These are undoubtedly dynamic times, with increasing speed of changes and high expectation of customers.

55 IT as a business multiplier can improve organizational agility, accelerate speed, and catalyze growth.


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