Wednesday, August 16, 2017

How to Drive a Frictionless, Immersive, and Relentless Digital Transformation

Digital management is responsible for designing, enabling, and enforcing a collaborative, innovative, intelligent, inspiring and inclusive working environment.

Due to the abundance of information growth and disruptive nature of technologies, forward-looking organizations empower their IT to drive changes and lead the digital transformation. The thing needs to be clarified is that digital is not just about applying a few fancy technology gadgets or designing a cool website, it is much broader and deeper than that. Digital transformation is also not just about using the latest technologies as a single dimensional enhancement, but a multidimensional evolution based on sociocultural, sociotechnical, socioeconomic, organizational, scientific, philosophical, psychological, and artistic, etc., lens. These dimensions interact and mutually influence each other. It is the digital paradigm shift. The visionary digital CIOs must continually ask themselves: How to run IT as a change agent, and how to drive a frictionless, immersive, and relentless digital transformation?

Frictionless: Digital is all about flow, data flow, information flow, mind flow, and business flow. The goal to run digital IT is to keep the digital flow and enhance communication fluency, to ensure the silos can be broken down, for closing the gap between business and IT, to enable the right people getting the right information at the right time to make the right decisions. Hence, IT effects in digital paradigm shift are to be the business integrator in knitting all critical business success factors: People, process, and technology, to cultivate the frictionless business culture, fine-tune business processes, build a set of business competency and ultimately reach digital premium. The very obstacle to run a frictionless digital organization is thinking silo, functional silo, or management silo, etc. Silos are a typical pattern used in complex systems in an attempt to keep complexity under some semblance of control. Cross-silo or cross-divisional collaboration is crucial to building dynamic digital capabilities. Silos are constant barriers to business advancement or maturity. Often, organizations are too siloed to be able to understand a holistic business with a coherent view, it will take strong leadership vision and high-quality digital professionals who want to bridge the chasm, to discover the unique path to hasten their collective best thinking efforts and respond to changing conditions effortlessly. From the people management perspective, bounded groups, homogeneous team setting, or insular tribes are evidence of silos, silos are the root cause of creating a multitude of business gaps and having decision-making blind spots. Silo limits organizational creativity and stops the business from achieving a higher level of maturity. In a frictionless digital workplace, self-driven leaders, teams, and employees have the vision to think with the long-term perspective, have the passion for catalyzing changes and advocating innovation; possess the capability to manage digital transformation frictionlessly in a structural way.

Immersive: Digital reality is a flexible blend of the physical and virtual world, and immersion into virtual reality is a perception of being physically present in a non-physical world. The immersive digital business world must stimulate our senses with realistic feedback. The immersive digital experience can make either the individual or the business’s daily journey more interactive, like playing the game. To be interactively creative for accomplishing a task or facilitating the team activity is to suppress automation or disembodiment, and to become immersive with it. The immersive digital experience harnesses visualization, interaction, and fun. Imagine an organization in which the core competencies are explicitly visualized, people are usually associated with a particular business capability, and are charged with improving the flow of work in building it. People are able to take an immersive digital scenario for problem-solving in the whole flow of work, start-to-finish, idea-to-cash, and create an interactive environment with customers as well so that you can reverse engineer from customer feedback to a creative product/service. The most effective digital workplace is one where collaboration and sharing are the norms. Enhancing immersive digital experience is about connecting key resources and assets in the context of the ideas reaching innovation hubs and clusters across the digital ecosystem because in doing so, you can create the shared context for learning, co-creating new knowledge or practicing creativity. That, in turn, will further fuel more collaboration in innovative initiatives and accelerate digital transformation.

Relentless: Digital transformation is more as a journey, not a destination, it could never end, because organizations have to keep improving, evolving, and innovating for reaching the next level of high performance and business maturity. Therefore, digital leaders today must be the relentless change agents and innovation champions, to proactively respond to changes, and execute them seamlessly. Digital leaders also need to be the 'bridge' - a relentless networker and a creative communicator to lead the organizations on the digital journey. Today’s digital companies need to be organized in keeping with the quantum world, they have to relentlessly improve their key business elements, emphasize participation, relationships, communication, and realize that they will need to renew themselves periodically to cope effectively with fast-paced changes and have a fluid structure that responds effectively to the business dynamic. There should always, at every turn, be a taste of better days, of continual improvement of retrospective action planning, incremental goal achieving, and creative idea brainstorming. It's only natural to seek some form of organizational structure to manage large numbers of people. Building an ideal digital workplace won’t happen overnight, and organizational structure optimization takes planning, experimenting and scaling up. The digital transformation is a relentless journey with a clear vision, implementable strategy, intelligent and diligent people, seamless processes, efficient technologies, and differentiated business competency.

Digital management is responsible for designing, enabling, and enforcing a collaborative, innovative, intelligent, inspiring and inclusive working environment based on cross-siloed or cross-divisional collaboration, and drive a frictionless, immersive, and relentless digital transformation journey for maximizing the full business potential and achieving high-performance business performance for the long-term prosperity.


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