Saturday, August 5, 2017

What is Indispensable? Creativity

Creativity is indispensable because it’s about thinking beyond conventional wisdom, and creating new knowledge.

Creativity is an innate process to create novel ideas. The collective creativity converges with the concept of innovation that is the management discipline to transform innate ideas and achieve its business value. Digital is the age of innovation. Organizations starve for creativity and thrive with innovation because they are differentiated business competencies to compete for the future. Thus, nowadays, the most in-demand skill is creativity, and the most critical business capability is innovation. What is indispensable? Creativity. What is the key business success factor? Innovation.

If you are a creative problem-solver, you are indispensable: Creative needs a purpose, and creativity needs a problem. Creativity is simply about figuring out better ways to do things. Creativity is not just about a few “AHA” moments or pure imagination or intuition. At present days, we cannot separate knowledge and creativity if we want to stay competitive, the updated and interdisciplinary knowledge enables wider dots connections and sparks creativity. Being creative is about how to solve a problem in an intelligent manner. For those who are trying to solve problems, it is important to apply creativity in a recursive way for both problem identification and problem-solving. To be a super problem-solver, an individual's creative mentality, proactive attitudes, the blend of knowledge and ingenuity, and the right dose of confidence are all valid within the context of his or her personal experience. Creativity is indispensable because through creativity - the full cycle of imagining, testing the hypothesis, failing, entreating, and improving, new knowledge is developed, and the fresh insight is captured for helping to understand the problem from the different angle, and further solve the old or emergent problems in the better way. The creative problem-solvers are indispensable because they can help their organizations or our society to ADAPT to the ever-changing environment and evolve in an ideal world to advanced levels of thinking, capacity, knowledge, and prosperity.

Creativity is indispensable because it’s about thinking beyond conventional wisdom, and creating new knowledge: Creativity is the high level of thinking because it evolves many thought processes, such as connecting dots, imagination, pattern discovery, originality, intuition, etc. It often happens at the intersection of conscious and subconscious thinking. Creative thinking is unique and original, many other types of thinking are not - some are the habit, repetition of memory, social conformity, mendacity, emotional reaction, etc. Creativity is often being called “out-of-the-box” thinking or thinking in the new or bigger box. Thinking in bigger-box means you need to be in a continuous learning mode with interdisciplinary understanding, embrace critical thinking and creative thinking to challenging existing thoughts or standards and to seek additional knowledge and experience. Creativity is indispensable because it is about breaking down conventional wisdom -where you have left the confines of other people's thoughts, a certain mental, psychological, and conditional chemistry is needed to break-away from thoughts that others have thought about.  Being creative is not just about "knowledgeable" - because they are often at the edge of things and able to expands the boundaries of knowledge or conventional thinking, and through such expansions, the new knowledge is developed. Therefore, it is the high-level thinking, either from content, context perspective.

If the business appreciate innovation, and you are an innovator, you are indispensable: Creativity is an essential building block for innovation in business. Being creative means you need to get used to stepping outside that old box to unfamiliar territory, you discover and explore your own path. To create the new requires not just one skill, but many, not just old experience, but the new perspective, not just knowledge, but imagination, etc, all those creative blendings make creatives indispensable. Innovators are often visionaries and pathfinders, who can come with a foresight to envision a need that others overlook or ignore and a willingness to forge ahead to satisfy vision, they can help their organization to explore the new opportunities and achieve the impossible. Creativity is a function of imagination, knowledge, psychology, activities, and evaluation. Besides those ingredients, the most important element is the ATTITUDE put to increase the chance of generating creative ideas, tolerate risks and be confident to move the ideas forward.

Creativity is within us and innovators are among us. In highly innovative and highly mature organizations, creative people are inspired to think and work nearly every day on creating, they are not waiting for such “Aha” moments but develop their creativity diligently. Hence, digital leaders should build a working environment to nurture creativity and inspire innovation, encourage the freedom of thinking and action. Because creativity is indispensable.


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