Sunday, August 13, 2017

The New Book “Digital Boardroom: 100 Q&As” Chapter 2 Introduction: The Digital Board’s Digital Inquiries

The digital board needs to become the “mastermind” behind the digital transformation.

Digital is about the accelerating speed of changes and abundance of information. The board needs to retain the ability to capture immediate and future opportunities which will enhance their shareholders’ benefits. To lead effectively, the board needs to be able to leverage diverse viewpoints via listening, brainstorming, and questioning, make effective decisions via critical thinking, independent thinking, strategic thinking, and system thinking, and become the “mastermind” behind the digital transformation. Here is a set of the digital board’s digital inquiries.

  • Do organizations have a digital strategy? Do existing functions and business units have a game plan for digital transformation?
  • How to make good assumptions for digital strategy making?
  • Who owns digital? Who owns which elements of digital strategy?
  • Which digital impacts have you identified? Which functions are the most impacted by Digital?
  • What is the talent gap when IT comes to define and execute the enterprise digital strategy?
  • Is the board sufficiently engaged with long-term opportunities and threats, such as digital transformation, sustainability, and the environment or global shifts in the balance of economic power?
  • Is the business able to shift the focus of existing people, investments and agendas, or does it need new capabilities, higher levels of investment?
  • Do we have the expertise to identify the strategic and operational changes that need to be made?
  • What are the different digital forces affecting your organization? In what ways are they likely to affect the business and how do you prepare for the challenge?
  • Is your business vulnerable to the increasing speed of changes, new competitors, and erosion of revenues and profits from new customer behavior?


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