Monday, December 18, 2017

The Book “Digital Rules: Setting Guidelines to Explore Digital New Normal” Quote Collection III

A well-defined set of digital rules are not for limiting innovation, but for setting the frame of relevance and guide through changes and digital transformation.

The purpose of “100 Digital Rules: Setting Guidelines to Explore Digital New Normal “ is to establish digital principles and update business policies that can be applied holistically and guide the digital transformation systematically. Digital rules are based on a set of fundamental beliefs behind the methodologies and they help to shape mindsets behind behaviors. Digital rules encourage mindfulness, authenticity, creativity, inclusiveness, and discourage static thinking, silo, and bureaucracy, help to accelerate collective human progress.

29 In essence, innovation is the use of something that is new and unique, and you are able to create its business value.

30 The best way to foster creativity is to help people communicate in a way that instills confidence, not fear.

31 Prioritization enables businesses to manage innovation with a focus, not for stifling innovation.

32 Innovation Management nowadays is more science than art.

33 Failure is part of innovation.

34 Innovation should break some outdated rule, but needs a level of guidance.

35 Every innovator has the vision to bring something new or solve some thorny issues.

36 Innovation is essentially a management discipline.

37 Innovation challenges the status quo and that is important for a healthy, innovative organization.

38 Creative tension is important to switch on the “innovative mode” of the business environment.

39 Organizational innovation fit means “incluversity.”

40 You cannot make omelets without breaking some eggs.

41 Creativity can be nurtured by encouraging and rewarding “creative thinking.”

42 Creative people are both problem finders and problem solvers.

43 By manifesting creativity from an individual endeavor to a team activity and a collective effort, the horizon of creativity is expanded.

44 Creativity is all about connecting dots.

45 Create an environment that encourages dissent and candor.

46 The solution to encourage creativity is to maximize use of employee brainpower.

47 Innovation is about moving forward, and it can take you to a whole other place.

48 Do not take “ivory tower” style to manage innovation, and do not treat your innovation champion as troublemaker as well.

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