Sunday, December 31, 2017

The New Year Celebration: Close your Eyes and Open your Mind on New Year's Eve

Our mind is charming as the blue sea, open, broad, profound, inclusive, dynamic and beautiful. 

It’s almost the time to open the page of the New Year. Will it be a good practice to close your eyes and open your mind in the New Year Eve, make the new year resolution to develop creativity as the new habit?

Creative people are open-minded: In order to be open-minded, do you know what’s the closed mind though? If you have the following symptom, you are close-minded: Have you stopped learning or changing quite a while ago? Do you still keep intellectual inquisitiveness? It is in human nature, people don't like the unknown because they fear; people don’t like people not from them because they don’t recognize; people don’t like new ideas because they fear to fail. People are egoists so, they never confess, they tend to cover the ignorance and weaknesses with exaggerated extroversive behaviors. This is what is called the state of the closed mind. What does the open mind mean then? Is it like the sponge to absorb the new knowledge? Is it like to open the window of mind, let the instinct wind blow up or brainstorm pour through? Is it about breaking down the outdated rules and shape the digital new normal? Is it like to turn on the conscious or subconscious light to brighten up the darkness of thought or shadow mind? Is it like a magnet to attract the brightest or the different point of view? What is creativity then?

Creativity flourished in solitude.

Creative people are expressive.

Creativity is -

spring water, the deeper you dig, the more it flows,

color palette, life is your canvas, and imagination is your brush,

tree, both nature and nurtured, to grow and blossom,

lightbulb, you have to switch it on for brightening up,

the earth, the humbler you are, the more open you become,

the charming sky, full of brilliant ideas and wonders,

The flower seeds, the more you sow, the more you harvest.

An open mind is not full, but free: 
Being open-minded is also about being humble enough to admit known unknown and unknown unknown. There is known known, known unknown and unknown unknown. The more you know, the more you know you don’t know and admit unknown unknown. To know what we don’t know is knowledge. We become informative and intelligent by knowing what we don’t know. To admit unknown unknown is the humbleness and wisdom; not about system or boxes, but about out-of-the-box; not about informativeness, but about openness. You become wise when you are humble enough to be aware of and admit what you don't know and share what you know. Discover what you don’t know yet, every discovery is supported by intellectual curiosity. You cannot envision a discovery as it is still not known to you. Discovery is a process of revealing unknown facts. Close your eyes and open your mind. Make a life a journey of discovery each day we discover something previously unknown to us.

Being open-minded means to see old things in new ways via different angles: Being open-minded means you need to get used to stepping outside the old box to unfamiliar territory, you discover and explore your own viewpoints. Think differently via different angles. Open-minded innovators find more viewing spots than the rest. They find angles to wiggle through where most are unable to even envision a place where there is an angle. They see the old problems from every direction and find different solutions to solve them elegantly. Innovators whose work continues to move forward and, in turn, is profitable to self and others think differently than those who are traditional thinkers.

Our mind is charming as the blue sea, open, broad, profound, inclusive, dynamic and beautiful. Indeed, the mindset is more important than talent! An open mind is for advancement, an open mind is to bridge gaps, and an open mind is to brighten the world. Close your eyes and open your mind on New Year 's Eve.


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